Lactation Rooms

Lactation Support Policy 6502

Supporting the lactation needs of nursing mothers

ODU provides lactation rooms and reasonable break time for employees and students to express breast milk, for up to 12 months after the birth of a child.

What is a lactation room?

Lactations rooms are private spaces on campus for nursing moms to pump that should be:

  • Appropriately functional (not a bathroom)
  • Shielded from view and free from intrusion of coworkers or the public

Using the Lactation Rooms

Employees & Students must:

  • Coordinate with your supervisor or class instructor time needed for lactation
  • Reserve the lactation room you would like to use
  • Follow any rules or procedures per lactation room

Supervisors & Class Instructors must:

  • Permit reasonable paid break time or time away from class for nursing mothers to use lactation rooms as needed.
  • Be aware that the frequency and duration of the break time will likely vary.

Norfolk Main Campus Locations


Student Recreation Center Reservation

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University Libraries Reservation

Perry Library

Regional Centers Locations


Peninsula Higher Education Center Reservation

Peninsula Higher Education Center


Tri-Cities Higher Education Center Reservation



Virginia Beach Higher Education Center Reservation


Questions, Comments or Complaints

If you need lactation support assistance from the University, please contact the appropriate office for employees or students.