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Hannah Allford

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Hannah is currently an Instructor of English at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, N.C., where she teaches critical literacy, composition, early British literature, and an English studies introductory course. Currently, her research interests include late-nineteenth century British literature, gender anxiety, and feminist and queer theories. Connect with her on Twitter.

D'An Knowles Ball

Contact D'An

D'An Knowles Ball is a PhD candidate examining rhetorical sensory affordances and UX/UI engagements that arise in immersive virtual environments. As a communications and digital design professional and instructor, she is primarily focused in visual/virtual rhetoric, new media research methodologies, game studies, aesthetic theory, and material-semiotic networks. Connect with her on Twitter.

Namrata Bhadania

Contact Namrata

Namrata Ashvin Bhadania is a full time PhD student at Old Dominion University. Her research interests include rhetoric of health and medicine, digital humanities, gender and media studies, feminist methodologies, rhetoric of identiry, cultural studies and comparative studies. She is examining the epistemological and ontological rhetorical issues of women and gender, especially marginalized women going through psychological and physical risks of cultural practices.

Matthew Bodie

Contact Matthew

Matthew serves as Executive Director of Learning Resources at St. Petersburg College (SPC) in Florida. He also teaches courses in English Composition, Language Arts Education, Humanities, and Computer and Information Studies at SPC and University of South Florida. Currently a PhD candidate with concentrations in rhetoric, writing, and discourse studies and a student-designed path in curriculum and instruction, Matthew's research focuses on the internal rhetoric and influence of writing center administrators within the greater academy, especially as associated with program assessment and resource funding. You can connect with Matthew on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Constance Bracewell

Contact Constance

Constance is a native of North Carolina and hold an M.A. in English from Appalachian State University and an M.Ed. in Adult Training and Development from NC State University. She has previously completed 111 hours in coursework and dissertation hours in the PhD program in Literature with the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on situating American Indian literature as a literature of diaspora and a telling counterpoint to the trajectory of ideals of American Exceptionalism. She focuses mainly on the works of Sherman Alexie, Louise Erdrich, and other contemporary fiction authors, but she also dabbles with early American Indian texts and the early American literary canon, American nature writing, and American Indian ecological writing. As a writing teacher, she is interested in stretch/WAC writing and digitally-enhanced approaches to student writing. Visit her website here.

Yannel Celestrin

Contact Yannel

Yannel has worked as an instructor at Florida International University, Tidewater Community College, and Old Dominion University. Originally from Miami, Florida, she obtained her BA and MA from FIU in English literature, where she studied postcolonial traditions of rewriting within Francophone Caribbean literature. At ODU, her concentrations are in Literary & Cultural Studies and Rhetoric & Composition. Her research interests include multilingualism/language, politics of translation, intergenerational/historical trauma, archival studies, tensions between memory and historiography, and the politics of cultural identities and citizenship experienced by members/descendants of the Hispanophone Caribbean. Visit her website here.

Macey Lauren Coldiron

Contact Lauren

Lauren is a full time PhD student at Old Dominion University. She holds both a Bachelors and a Masters of Arts in English from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Her areas of academic research include writing program administration and critical diversity and representation in writing curricula. For her PhD, Lauren's areas of concentration are Rhetoric/Composition and Literary/Cultural Studies. Visit her website here.

Rebecca Coleman

Contact Rebecca

Rebecca is a tenured English professor at Mt. San Jacinto College, a mid-sized community college in Southern California. She teaches a range of courses from college composition to Honors English literature. With keen interests in epistemology (particularly pragmatism) and censorship, Rebecca is exploring the intersections between rhetoric and composition, technical writing, English literature from the medieval period through the long 18th century, and post-secondary English education, particularly in relation to curriculum design.

Bruce Craft

Contact Bruce

Bruce A. Craft is an Instructor of English at Southeastern Louisiana University and a backyard chicken farmer. He holds degrees from Tulane, Northwestern State, and LSU. At ODU, his doctoral concentrations are Literary & Cultural Studies and Technology/New Media. His research interests are Southern literature and culture, Grit Lit, digital ethnography, and the intersection between literature and philosophy. Bruce is currently researching how contemporary digital spaces of the New South (re)appropriate past cultural artifacts. Bruce also studies the Louisiana Redbones and the Melungeons of Appalachia. Bruce and his wife enjoy kayaking, fishing, and spending time in the south Louisiana marsh.

Cristina De Leon-Menjivar

Contact Cristina

Cristina works for Norfolk State University and Western Oklahoma State College as an instructor. Her research interests include rhetoric and literature from the medieval and early modern periods, particularly religious and feminist texts. She is also interested in composition pedagogy and seeks to find ways to create culturally-inclusive classroom spaces.

Miranda L. Egger

Contact Miranda

Miranda L. Egger is a Senior Instructor and Assistant Director of Composition at the University of Colorado Denver. She teaches first-year composition courses, multimedia and digital composition, logic & argumentation, and the teaching assistant practicum. In her *spare* time, she's finishing coursework for a PhD in Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse Studies (with an emphasis in Technology and Media Studies) at Old Dominion University. Her professional and academic interests include: Literacy Studies (particularly theories of reading and writing connections); situating reading in theories of rhetorical circulation; networked, digital technologies of communication; WPA scholarship; and pedagogies that address online education, especially for at-risk undergraduate students.

Amy Flessert

Contact Amy

Amy is a part-time PhD student concentrating on rhetoric and media studies, while also working as a full time assistant professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College. Her foremost research interest includes the intersection of ESL language speakers in the college composition classroom and how to best help these students succeed at college writing tasks. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Dana Gavin

Contact Dana

Dana is a PhD candidate at Old Dominion University, and an adjunct at colleges in the Hudson Valley of New York. Her research focuses on the human/non-human assemblages embedded in the developing print culture in Victorian England. She is working on digital projects to enhance her research in these areas, with the goal of making those projects accessible to the public. She also invested in feminist rhetoric, media depictions of masculinity, and popular culture. Visit her website here and connect with her on Twitter.

Nicole Hancock

Contact Nicole

Nicole is a PhD candidate interested in pragmatic research for community college teacher-scholar-activists. She teaches basic writing, first-year composition, and Shakespeare at Southwestern Illinois College. Her dissertation research focuses on placement assessment reform; she is interested in basic writing reform and meeting the needs of community college students, in all of their splendid variety. Connect with her on Twitter.

A Lorean Hartness

Contact Lori

A Lorean Hartness is a PhD Candidate whose concentrations are Literature/Cultural Studies and Media Studies. Her research focuses the intersection between poetry and the postcolonial diaspora, using poetics to understand how contemporary transnational poets assert voice and agency as acts of resistance. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jennifer Hartshorn

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer is the Learning Resources Coordinator for the Savannah College of Art and Design's Atlanta campus, where she supervises the Writers' Studio and Tutoring Center. She is also a part-time doctoral student at ODU, where her primary research interests focus on workplace writing genres and processes. However, she also publishes and presents on a wide range of composition-related and popular culture topics, including roleplaying games, gothic horror, and science fiction. Visit her website here.

Ruth Annaliese Holmes

Contact Ruth

Ruth is a PhD candidate who teaches composition and British literature at Lord Fairfax Community College. Her research interests include sociocultural influences on writing practices, author-reader relationships, print culture, the eighteenth-century British novel, and feminist and queer methodologies.

Travis Holt

Contact Travis

Travis Holt is an assistant professor of English at Liberty University and primarily teaches Basic Writing and American literature survey courses. He is a PhD candidate researching student agency formed by the use of composition textbooks, focusing on what factors contribute to this formation and what impact it has on pedagogy. At the conclusion of his PhD, he plans to stop asking questions such as "What did I get myself into?" and instead start asking "Why did I do that to myself?"

Angela Jacobs

Contact Angela

Angela currently works as an English educator at a public charter high school, where she teaches World literature, British literature, AP Literature and Composition, and Astronomy (writing-intensive course) in Brown Summit, NC. Her research interests include first-year composition, pedagogy, transfer, assessment, feminist methodologies (in particular Black feminism), and Victorian literature (in particular the Black British experience to include the 18th century).

Sarah Johnson

Contact Sarah

Sarah is the Writing Program Administrator at a private K-12 school in Chattanooga, TN. Her research interests lie at the intersection of rhet/comp and pedagogy with a narrower focus on dual enrollment composition and identity constructs.

Jessica Kubiak

Contact Jessica

Jessica Kubiak is an associate professor in the Language, Literature, and Writing program at the State University of New York's Jamestown Community College, where she teaches developmental coursework, honors coursework, first year composition, and literary and cultural studies. Her background in adult education, literacy, area studies, and experiential learning inspires her critical pedagogy and motivates her research on the violence of instruction in first year composition. Her work in the digital humanities informs her teaching and research as well, resulting in projects on crowdsourced digital compositions and on the roles of interface in reading. Though she lives on a small goat and chicken farm in rural western New York with no broadband access, she is an active mentor-from-afar to early practitioners via LinkedIn and tries to update her website regularly.

Amy Lee M. Locklear

Contact Amy

Amy Lee M. Locklear is currently a member of the Honors Faculty and a Distinguished Lecturer in the Composition Program / Dept. of English & Philosophy at Auburn University at Montgomery. She teaches first year writing, advanced writing, and Honors seminar writing courses. Her research interests currently focus on the use of digital concept mapping to teach synthesis as a cognitive process of rhetorical invention. Her interests include work in rhetoric and composition, digital rhetoric and writing, cognitive and neuroeducational studies (sometimes referred to as Mind, Brain, and Education research), and adult learning theory (andragogy).

Sarah McGinley

Contact Sarah

Sarah McGinley is a senior lecturer at Wright State University in Ohio. Her current work centers on how fans of Boys Love manga and anime use affective and acquisitive strategies to build community, form identity, and satisfy desire. Her research areas are fan fiction, male/male romance fiction, and Japanese pop culture in translation with a focus on gender and sexuality.

Bnar Mustafa

Contact Bnar

Bnar Mustafa is a full-time Ph.D. student at Old Dominion University. Originally, she is from the Middle East 'Kurdistan'. Her concentrations are Literary and Cultural studies & Rhetoric, Writing, and Discourse Studies. Her research interests are "The challenges refugees face in learning English in the U.S. the consequences after they learn English on their well-being". She as a feminist researcher, specifically focusing on refugee Muslim women's issues on the Hampton Roads community. She has a Master in 'Humanities' and a 'Women's Certificate' at ODU. Currently, she is a tutor at the writing center at ODU.

Rebecca Yearsley Signore

Contact Rebecca

Rebecca is a PhD student with a primary concentration in literary and cultural studies. Her research interests include graphic narratives as auto/biography; realism and modernism in American literature; and new materialism. As the Director of University Academic Success Initiatives at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Rebecca oversees services that support student learning and persistence. Her professional experiences in writing centers and academic support services inform her research on the rhetoric and discourse of student success in higher education. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Julie Sorge Way

Contact Julie

Julie teaches British Literature and writing courses at James Madison University. Her research explores the evolving narrative of female identity in 19th and 20th-century women's periodicals and advice literature, digital humanities, critical making, and UX design in the archive. Visit her website here and connect with her on Twitter.

Rachel Willis

Contact Rachel

Rachel Van Hofwegen Willis is an instructor of English in the Westover Honors College at the University of Lynchburg, teaching courses in composition, literature, and fun special topics like the cultural legacies of Sherlock Holmes or the ecologies of dystopian fiction. She is interested in the intersection of literature, rhetoric, and the culture industry, and her research interests include the digital humanities, violent masculinities, rhetoric and culture, and pedagogy.

Bethany L. C. Wilson

Contact Bethany

A PhD candidate and high school assistant principal, Beth Wilson has used her dual focus on discourse studies and pedagogy to inform writing instruction, teacher professional development, and program administration at the K-12 level. Her dissertation examines the rhetorical roles of teachers in professional development, particularly the audience/rhetor shifts they make when using Twitter as an avenue for professional growth. Visit her website here.

Carol Wittig

Contact Carol

Carol Wittig is an academic research librarian and Head of Research & Instruction at Boatwright Library, The University of Richmond. Her research interests include first-year students and their literacy practices, the relationship between writing, research, and library instruction, and the history of information literacy. Carol's dissertation focus is on the historical intersections of academic literacies within writing studies and library literacies, drawing from a three-tiered model of distant reading using text and data mining of library journal scholarship, citation analysis, and close reading.

Matthew H. Wood

Contact Matthew

Matthew is a PhD student focusing on cultural studies. Their primary research area is popular culture in digital spaces, particularly internet and gaming communities. Matthew is also an educator with strengths in instructional technology, as well as a nationally certified counselor identified with narrative and existential theories. Visit their website here.