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Coastal Engineering Institute

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Aerial view, looking northwest, of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, Ocean View and Willoughby Spit.

Coastal engineering is the study of near-shore processes and the application of engineering principles to development in coastal environment. The research in the field is multidisciplinary and has overlapping interests with oceanography, marine geology, and several branches of engineering. Coastal scientists are involved in research on processes in natural bodies of water such as surface waves, sediment transport, dynamics of stratified flows, physical-biological interactions, as well as engineering management and public policy. Coastal engineers are typically involved in the design and construction of coastal structures, ports and harbors, beach nourishment, and ocean energy. Current research at Old Dominion University's Coastal Engineering Institute includes study of ocean surface waves and their interactions with coastal sediments and structures, dynamics of stratified flows in ocean and estuarine environment, and the impact of sea-level rise on coastal processes.

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Faculty Emeritus

David Basco

David Basco

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