Coastal Engineering

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Research Interests
Estuarine and Coastal Hydrodynamics, Coastal Hazard Assessment, Sediment Transport Dynamics, Wetland Hydrodynamics, Sea Level Rise Impacts, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Associate Professor Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Interests
Coastal Engineering, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Impacts on Coastal Flooding, Natural and Nature-Based Mitigation of Coastal Hazards, Computational Modeling and Field Observations of Coastal ProcessesRefer to my personal website for up-to-date information on my research grants and publications.

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The Coastal Laboratory houses the Old Dominion University Coastal Engineering Centre and equipped with a two-dimensional random wave basin (60 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.), a dedicated PC-based wave maker control, and a data acquisition and storage system. Coastal engineering activities also make use of the surrounding field environment for field measurements including a nearshore, directional wave gauge at Virginia Beach in the Atlantic Ocean.

Research Highlights

Gangfeng Ma, Director

Current research at Old Dominion University's Coastal Engineering Institute includes study of ocean surface waves and their interactions with coastal sediments and structures, dynamics of stratified flows in ocean and estuarine environment, and the impact of sea-level rise on coastal processes.

Navid Tahvildari, Director

The Environmental Hydrodynamics Group (EHG) focuses on interdisciplinary research on coastal and ocean hydrodynamics and the vulnerabilities of coastal infrastructure to changing coastal forces.

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