Master Lecturer
Engineering Technology

Nathan Luetke

102 Kaufman Hall
Norfolk, 23529

Nathan Luetke Received his BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Old Dominion University followed shortly after by an MS in Mechanical Engineering. While Pursuing his Masters degree Nathan spent two years at Swales Aerospace followed by one year at Lockheed Martin contracting for NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. While there he had the opportunity to perform radiation analyses and shield optimization on models of the International Space Station, possible lunar habitats and vehicles for transport to Mars in the effort to increase radiation mitigation for the astronauts and equipment. In that time he co-authored eight conference proceedings and completed his MS degree with research focused on high-speed combustion and rocket-based combined cycles. Nathan has focused his own research on the fuel mixing and combustion characteristics of dual-mode scramjet engines, authoring and co-authoring four conference proceedings in addition to his work with radiation mitigation. Currently Nathan is a lecturer in the engineering technology department teaching CAD based courses, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. He is involved with the Thermodynamic and Fluids laboratories and is interested in incorporating renewable energy systems into the lab environment.

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University, (2006)

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Old Dominion University, (2000)


Lin, C. and Luetke, N. J. (2011). Calculation of Tolerance Stacks Using Direct-Position Approach in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Journal of Engineering Technology , pp. 10-14.
  • 2007: National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration Henry J.E. Reid Award,