Health Sciences programs accept a limited number of students each year, so admission is highly competitive. In other words, a much higher than average GPA is needed to gain acceptance into most Health Sciences program. The College of Health Sciences' Exploring Healthcare Impact Learning Community is intended to help you build the strong academic foundation needed to be competitive for admission into your intended major within the College of Health Sciences.

In this Impact Learning Community, you will take classes with other first-year students who have similar interests in healthcare and helping others, and you'll have a dedicated junior/senior student mentor who will help you learn to navigate life in college. You'll also have opportunities to get to know your professors and fellow students outside of the classroom through out of class activities, field trips, special ILC exclusive events, and more!

In partnership with the Office of Housing and Residence Life, the College of Health Sciences also offers Health Professions LC students the opportunity to live together in a Living-Learning Community. Residents are placed into a Living-Learning Community by the advising office in the College of Health Sciences.


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Students selected for this Impact Learning Community will be pre-registered for a set of common courses, including HLTH 101: Intro to the Health Professions. In HLTH 101, you will:

  • Learn study skills
  • Be introduced to campus resources and tools for academic success
  • Explore various health and helping professions
  • Create an ePortfolio
  • Participate in Service Learning
  • Interact with College of Health Sciences faculty and junior/senior health sciences students admitted into their programs

The College of Health Sciences' Exploring Healthcare Impact Learning Community

The College of Health Sciences Health Professions LC is open to students in Health Sciences majors including Cytotechnology, Dental Hygiene, Environmental Health, Health Services Administration, Medical Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Nursing, and Public Health. In this Impact Learning Community, you will meet weekly with an academically successful peer mentor, who is in the College of Health Sciences.

The following courses may be included depending on the learning community in which you are placed:  Intro to Sociology (SOC 201S), Intro Chemistry Lecture & Lab (CHEM 105N/106N), Interpreting the American Past (HIST 104H), Intro to Psychology (PSYC 201S), Information Literacy for Health Professions (HLTH 120G), Principles of Public Health (PUBH 200), and Intro to Health Professions (HLTH 101).