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ePortfolios are a high impact practice (Kuh, 2008) that enhances student learning and comprehension of their own experiences. An ePortfolio is a collection of student artifacts that display knowledge gained over time, such as presentations, papers, images, and other projects. LeADERS candidates are required to complete an ePortfolio as the final step of the program because it allows for them to synthesize and reflect on the high impact learning experiences that they’ve completed as a LeADERS candidate, as well as identify skills they have gained that will lead to gainful employment upon graduation.

Current Candidates:

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LeADERS ePortfolio Models

Christine Loney
LeADERS Silver Graduate
College of Arts and Letters

Christine Loney graduated in December 2021 with Bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. As a mother, she wants to show her children that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. With a strong sense for social justice, Christine plans to pursue a career in government, law enforcement, or human resources.


Nicole Pendleton
LeADERS Silver Graduate
Strome College of Business

Nicole Pendleton graduated in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing, as well as LeADERS Silver distinction. Inspired by her marketing coursework and the skills she’s gained both in the classroom and through her work experience, she decided to start a UX/UI Design BootCamp with CareerFoundry. Nicole hopes to use her passions for finance, data, and branding to enter a creative career within the marketing industry.


Quentin Cooper
LeADERS Bronze Graduate
Darden College of Education and Professional Studies

Quentin Cooper earned his Bachelor of Science in Sport Management in May 2023, with a focus on Marketing. With a strong passion and love for basketball and football, Quentin plans to use his degree to negotiate contracts and brand deals for collegiate and professional athletes. Quentin already had a job interview lined up before he graduated, which he hoped would be his entry into the sports industry.



Anzam Sheak
LeADERS Silver Graduate
Batten College of Engineering and Technology

Anzam Sheak is a May 2023 graduate who earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on Mechanical Systems and Design.  Anzam has always found passion in technology and the innovative advancements in the society around him.  Following graduation, Anzam plans to further his education through graduate study in a Master’s program.


Summer Sampson
LeADERS Gold Graduate
College of Health Sciences

Summer Sampson is a recent graduate of the College of Health Sciences with a degree in Dental Hygiene and a Hampton Roads native. She attended the Bayside Health Sciences Academy for high school, which is where her passion for the medical field was born. Summer has experience working in a nursing home as a server, and hopes to continue to work in that setting as a dental hygienist upon graduation.


Kendra Garrett
LeADERS Gold Graduate
College of Sciences

Kendra Garrett graduated in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her passion lies in mental health awareness and advancing self-care techniques. She has been an advocate around campus and organized workshops and volunteered for regional groups supporting mental health. After graduation, Kendra is attending the University of Denver to earn her Master of Social Work degree.


Marina Sukharevich
LeADERS Gold Graduate
School of Nursing

Marina Sukharevich graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May 2023 with LeADERS Gold distinction. She already has over twelve years of experience as a nurse and hopes to use her degree to advance her career. Marina also holds several certifications and is an active member of the Unit Based Council and Shared Governance Council within her hospital.


Ivan Santiago
LeADERS Gold Graduate
School of Cybersecurity

Originating in San Diego, CA, Ivan is a December 2022 graduate of ODU’s Cybersecurity program and the first graduate of ODU’s Scholarship for Service Cyber LeADERS program. With a passion for public service, Ivan plans to pursue a full time position in Cybersecurity with the federal government, with a long-term goal of pursuing a PhD.