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ePortfolios encourage learners to reflect on and synthesize their learning experiences and provide a platform for sharing that information easily with authentic audiences. As such an ePortfolio showcases the user's unique identity, offering both a pedagogical tool for archiving and reflection and a professional tool for showcasing marketable skills.


In an ePortfolio, a user can maintain a collection of "artifacts" produced from learning and professional experiences over time. Such artifacts can include presentations, images, documents, reflections, blogs, audio, video, or any form of digital item to demonstrate learning or skills. The Conference on College Composition and Communication's Position Statement on ePortfolios (2015) describes ePortfolios as "... 'web-sensible'- a thoughtfully arranged collection of multimedia-rich, interlinked, hypertextual documents that students compose, own, maintain, and archive on the Internet or in other formats."

There are several ePortfolio genres, such as project, course, program, and professional ePortfolios. At ODU, we encourage the use of programs that enable ePortfolio authors to continue to use them even after leaving the University.


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