Faculty Development & Support

eP3: Praxis, Process & Production

This introductory three-day workshop explores integrating ePortfolios into pedagogy and course design. Participants consider strategies to promote integrative learning, planning how they will incorporate ePortfolios within a course the following semester. The workshop occurs in the spring each year, with a call for applications announced

Other Opportunities

Designing a Professional ePortfolio: A 1-2 hour workshop in which participants design their personal ePortfolios with guidance.

Playing with MultiModal Tools: A 1-2 hour workshop on a digital program to help faculty design assignments with multimodal elements to be added to ePortfolios.

ePortfolio Assistance

Classroom Visits

Our eP Assistants are available to visit your class, for 30 minute sessions. At the start of the semester, we offer visits in which the Assistants introduce the concept of ePortfolios as a genre. the value of ePortfolios, as well as discuss available eP resources. During this visit, they can also demonstrate some basic functions on a specific platform if you share that information in advance. Later in the semester, we also offer additional visits, in which the ePortfolio Assistants can demonstrate some specific processes, such as activating WordPress templates, sharing material, granting access, and so on.

Digital Tool Workshop

The ePortfolio Program offers student workshops for courses and programs using ePortfolios. In these workshops, ePortfolio Assistants guide students through an ePortfolio tool of your choice (Google Drive, Wix, or WordPress) providing in-depth and hands-on experience with that tool. The workshops are more focused on the use of a tool than our introductory class visits, which provide an overview to ePortfolios, related tools, and available ePortfolio resources.

We are able to take attendance and confirm for you if your students participated (should you assign an attendance requirement or extra credit opportunity).

ePortfolio Scholarship


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