Current Candidates:

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This page highlights many of the most frequently asked questions regarding the LeADERS program. If the answer to your question cannot be found below, please reach out to us so that we can assist:

LeADERS is a graduation distinction awarded to students who successfully complete multiple high-impact learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.  Through these experiences, students learn to: 

  • serve as leaders in both formal and informal capacities, 
  • apply disciplinary knowledge in professional settings, 
  • appreciate diversity and perspectives other than their own, 
  • seek out innovation and creative solutions to problems, 
  • create new knowledge and share it with the world, and 
  • use their knowledge and skills to improve the community around them.  

LeADERS graduates complete at least twice as many high-impact learning experiences as the national standard, including a comprehensive showcase of their skills and experiences via ePortfolio.

There are two program requirements:

  1. Complete a minimum of three LeADERS-designated courses/experiences
  2. Showcase and reflect on these experiences in an ePortfolio.

Both requirements must be completed in order to graduate with a LeADERS distinction.

Distinction levels are awarded based on the number of courses/experiences completed:  

  • Students who complete three courses or experiences are eligible to earn LeADERS Bronze distinction
  • Students who complete four courses or experiences are eligible to earn LeADERS Silver distinction
  • Students who complete five or more courses or experiences are eligible to earn LeADERS Gold distinction

When students join LeADERS, a new LeADERS tab is added to the bottom of their Degree Works. Current LeADERS candidates and their advisors can track their progress and plan future course selections by reviewing this tab alongside the student’s degree curriculum. Prospective students and their advisors can use the “What if” function in Degree Works to identify the extent to which their existing coursework satisfies LeADERS progress.

The student is likely part of an auto-enrollment campaign. Beginning in AY 2022-2023, program staff began collaborating with key campus partners to automatically enroll students in the LeADERS program. For example: the Impact Learning Communities team found that many ILC students wished that their experiences could continue on beyond the fall semester. Enrolling these students directly into LeADERS in the spring semester following their fall ILC participation provides these students with connections to further experiences.  

Students who are part of an auto-enrollment campaign receive notification that informs them of the enrollment and provides an opportunity to opt-out.  This link is an example of the notification letter sent to ILC students. If the student missed the opt-out communication and would like to withdraw from LeADERS, all they need to do is fill out this form.

Pre-approved LeADERS courses are tagged in Banner. Degree Works uses these tags to populate a student’s progress in their respective section in the LeADERS tab. If a student would like to satisfy a LeADERS area through the completion of a co-curricular experience (ex. Leadership Lecture Series, Alternative Spring Break, etc.), they can notify the LeADERS team and have the experience manually added to their tab. The link to this form, along with other helpful information, can be found in the student’s LeADERS Canvas course.

It should be noted that Degree Works can only display one course or experience per LeADERS area. If a student has completed multiple qualifying courses or experiences in a given section, Degree Works might display something different than the student’s preference. To resolve this, students should simply email with the requested change. The LeADERS team can work with the Registrar to make necessary adjustments as needed.

It’s essentially a “free space” for graduating students to self-identify a high-impact course or co-curricular learning experience that was particularly meaningful to them and earn progress towards their final LeADERS distinction level.  Program staff have identified a few pre-approved elective courses and experiences, such as Annual Campus Theme, Civic Engagement Experiences, Capstone Courses, or participation in an Impact Learning Community or Living Learning Community.  In addition, students can self-identify other high-impact learning experiences beyond those which carry LeADERS pre-approval. This process is tracked internally between graduating seniors and LeADERS staff. More information can be found in the student’s LeADERS Canvas course.