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Student File Storage

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Short-term Student File Storage

Student H: Drive

Every Old Dominion University student has 5 GB of ODU network storage. When you are on campus and logged in to any ODU computer, your home directory (H: drive) and all of the files in it are available automatically.

If you are not using a desktop connected to the University's network, you can still access your H: drive from any internet-connected device by using the Monarch Virtual Environment. Log in with your MIDAS ID and password, and you're connected to an ODU computer just as if you were in a computer lab on campus, complete with access to your H: drive.

Important: The student H: drive is meant for short-term storage. ITS does not back up these drives, so make sure you copy your files somewhere else in order to back them up.

Long-term Student File Storage

For longer-term file storage, ODU offers access to online services like OneDrive and Google Drive. Both of these services have larger storage capacity than the H: drive. You can get to your files using a browser on any campus computer, or through dedicated apps on your personal computer or mobile device. These services are available for as long as you are a student at ODU.