Restricted Parking Zones

Special Parking Areas

Restricted Parking zones and spaces are designated for specific purposes such as service, disability, loading/unloading, and reserved spaces. ONLY vehicles with a special permit designated to these zones may park in them.

Vehicles invalidly parked in these spaces can be ticketed, booted, or towed at the owner's expense.

Reserved parking spaces are located throughout the University and identified by signs that read "Reserved/Towing Enforced." Parking in a reserved space without permission will result in a $100 fine and immediate towing of the vehicle, regardless of time of day. For more information about purchasing a Reserved parking space, see Faculty/Staff Parking.

Loading Zones are parking spaces designated for loading/unloading heavy, bulky or voluminous material. Parking in these areas is by Loading Zone Permit ONLY and is limited to 20 minutes unless otherwise designated. Emergency flashers must be on while parking in Loading Zones. The Loading Zone Permit should be placed on the driver's side of the dashboard, face-up where parking enforcement can clearly view it in its entirety, and must be accompanied by a valid ODU parking permit.

Loading Zone Permits are NOT valid in:

  • Hourly parking
  • Fire Lanes
  • Reserved spaces
  • ADA accessible spaces

Fire Lanes on campus are marked with yellow curbs. Unauthorized vehicles parked in a Fire Lane or in a manner that obstructs access to fire hydrants are subject to a $100 fine and towing at the owner's expense.

ADA Accessible parking on campus requires a State placard AND either a valid ODU permit or hourly parking payment.

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Vendor and Contractor parking is only allowed with the display of a designated ODU Vendor/Contractor Parking Permit.

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Motorcycles/mopeds with a valid permit may ONLY park in designated motorcycle/moped spaces (locations marked with an "M/C" or "Motorcycle"), unless they are parked in a paid hourly parking space. They are NOT allowed to park in normal vehicle parking spaces.

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