Parking Enforcement

Citations, Booting & Towing

ODU parking citation

ALL vehicles must have a valid ODU parking permit or hourly parking payment to park on campus. There are NO exceptions. If a vehicle is parked in violation of any ODU Parking Regulations, it can receive a citation (ticket) and/or be booted or towed at the owner's expense.

ODU now utilizes a virtual permit system where your license plate is your permit. Please log on to the ODU Parking Portal and add your vehicle to your permit prior to parking on campus. Some locations may still require the display of a paper permit, please contact TPS if you are unsure of the status of your permit.

Transportation & Parking Services regulations apply to all vehicles driven or parked on university property regardless of who operated the vehicle. Read the Parking Regulations PDF for full details about parking policies, enforcement, citations, and more.

You can now pay and appeal citations online via the ODU Parking Portal. If your vehicle has been immobilized or towed, see 'Booting & Towing' section below for more details.

Old Dominion University and/or Transportation and Parking Services is not responsible for any damage that occurs to a vehicle while on campus. This includes damage that occurs due to a vehicle being immobilized or towed from campus.

License Plate Recognition

ODU uses virtual permits you can buy online

Parking Regulations

2023-2024 Parking & Traffic Procedures

Restricted Parking

Where NOT to park on campus


Vehicles that violate ODU Parking Regulations may receive a citation (ticket) of the violation. The registered owner of a motor vehicle is responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle, regardless of who is operating the vehicle.

# Violation Fine
1 Unpaid Parking $50
2 Parking Stall Violation $15
3 In a Reserved Space $100
4 In an Unauthorized Area $35
5 Blocking another vehicle $73
6 In a space for the disabled $250
7 Overtime in Loading Zone or Timed Space $20
8 Parking in a Fire Lane $100
9 Online Parking Fee/Fine $3.50
10 Boot Removal Fee $40
11 Shared Permit Violation $40


Unauthorized Use of Permit

Disposal or acceptance of any permit or pass through sale or gift is forbidden and may constitute fraud against the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Citation (ticket) fines must be paid within 60 calendar days of the date issued. A $10 surcharge will be added to all citations not paid within 60 days. After 120 days, the citation(s) will be transferred to a third party collection service, additional fees will apply.

Citations may be paid at the TPS office in person, online, or by check mailed to the following address:

Old Dominion University
Transportation and Parking Services
4310 Elkhorn Ave
Norfolk, VA 23529

Please make all checks payable to "Old Dominion University" and include your license plate and citation number.

The University provides a structured means to appeal a citation. Failure to follow the procedures for appeal will result in the assessment of appropriate fines and forfeit of the right to appeal. If you believe you have received your citation in error, or have strong mitigating circumstances with proof, follow the Appeals Process.

Appeals Process

  1. Citations may be appealed within 7 calendar days of citation issuance.
  2. Appeals must be made online via the ODU Parking Portal.
  3. Appeals after the deadline (7 calendar days) forfeit the right to appeal. ONLY authorized TPS staff can grant exceptions.
  4. Paid citations are not eligible for appeal.

Re-Appeals Committee

Appellants have the option to present their case in person to the Re-Appeals Committee. If the Re-Appeals Committee rules in favor of the appellant, a refund check will be mailed to the appellant.

The Re-Appeals Committee includes volunteers from Faculty, Staff, and Students. TPS members attend but do NOT vote on re-appeal cases. The Committee meets once at the end of each Fall and Spring semester.

Booting & Towing

Vehicles parked anywhere on University property may be immobilized or towed at owner's expense. The option to tow or boot is at the discretion of the Director of Transportation and Parking Services. See Parking Regulations for more details.

Vehicles may be immobilized with a "wheel boot" as an alternative to towing. Wheel boots will be removed only upon payment of all outstanding fines. If your vehicle has been immobilized with a boot, DO NOT attempt to drive it. Contact the TPS office at 757-683-4004 during business hours. Please note, boots can only be removed by TPS during business hours.

Old Dominion University and/or Transportation and Parking Services is not responsible for any damage that occurs to a vehicle that is immobilized.

Towed vehicles may be reclaimed 24 hours a day. Vehicles removed by towing are stored at:

Affordable Towing
2424 Cromwell Road, Norfolk, VA 23509
(757) 543-2372

Event Towing

On Basketball and Football game days, vehicles that have not been moved out of reserved parking areas may be towed to an alternative campus location, for a fee. On football game days, all towed vehicles are relocated to Lot 43; on basketball game days, all towed vehicles are relocated to upper levels of parking garages. Contact us for more information.

Abandoned Vehicles

Transportation and Parking Services follows Virginia state statute § 46.2-1213 for the removal of abandoned vehicles from campus facilities.

Old Dominion University and/or Transportation and Parking Services is not responsible for any damage that occurs to a vehicle that is towed from campus.

Violations that warrant Booting & Towing include, but are not limited to:

  • illegally parked in a space reserved for the disabled
  • parked in a designated reserved space
  • abandoned vehicles
  • parked in an area designated as no-parking or tow-away zone
  • blocking traffic or fire lanes, or obstructing flow of traffic
  • for fire/safety reasons
  • use of an illegal, altered, stolen decal or pass
  • excessive citations (three or more)