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Transportation map of ODU campus parking locations

ODU Vendor Guide

A guide for vendors and contractors doing business with the University

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Parking Options on Campus

The Vendor/Contractor Parking Permit costs $63/month per permit, and allows you to park in all general parking areas.

This permit is available for purchase both in person and online.

Buy in person at the Transportation & Parking Services office located at 4310 Elkhorn Ave., Norfolk, VA 23508. NOTE: Parking for TPS customers is located in the 43rd & Elkhorn Garage for 15 minutes in spaces marked "15 Minute Parking" on Level 1.

Buy it online via the ODU Parking Portal.

NOTE- You MUST follow these steps to buy your permit online:

  1. Register as a Vendor/Contractor.
  2. Create a Guest Account in the ODU Parking Portal.
  3. Buy your Vendor/Contractor Permit in the ODU Parking Portal.

This permit allows you to park in any valid parking space on campus, except for Hourly Parking or Reserved (reserved spaces are marked or signed as such). On the ODU Parking Map, any parking designated as "Commuter Parking" or "Faculty/Staff Parking" is acceptable.

  • Permit is not valid in hourly parking space.
  • Permit is not valid in reserved spaces.
  • Permit is not valid in ADA accessible spaces without an accompanying state-issued ADA placard or license plate.
  • Permit is not valid on the grass/sidewalks, in fire lanes, loading zones, or reserved spaces unless special permission is granted at time of purchase.

The permit may be transferred among multiple vendor/contractor vehicles.

For a paper permit, all vehicles using the permit must properly display the permit.

For a virtual permit, it is linked to the vehicle license plates. All potential vehicles that will use the permit must be registered to the permit. Only one vehicle may use the permit at a time, so two vehicles registered to the same permit cannot park on campus at the same time unless one vehicle parks and pays for hourly parking or purchases a separate permit.

If the permits are being transferred throughout different phases of a project, the contractor is responsible to ensure the permit is properly transferred from sub-contractor to sub-contractor.

Parking on the grass/sidewalks, in fire lanes, loading zones, or reserved spaces is prohibited and subject to ticketing and towing UNLESS special permission is granted through the TPS office at the time of purchase and is specifically noted on the permit.

Both the paper permit and the virtual permit are the same cost and allow you to park in the same areas. The differences are:


  • Can only be purchased in office
  • Best if transferring between vehicles in a motor pool/fleet
  • Do not necessarily have to register all vehicles to the permit, as long as permit is displayed properly and fully visible


  • Can be purchased online (must pre-register as a vendor/contractor first)
  • Can be transferred between vehicles as long as all vehicles license plates are registered to the permit AND only one vehicle is using it at a time (if two vehicles registered to the permit are on campus at the same time, both will be in violation and subject to citation/towing)

If you want to buy a virtual permit online, you must first be registered as a vendor/contractor. Registering simply confirms with the ODU Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) office that you are a vendor/contractor, so that you can be eligible for the Vendor/Contractor Permit price.

You can come to the TPS office to register, or simply complete the Vendor/Contractor Registration Form.

  1. Go online to the ODU Parking Portal and establish a guest account.
  2. Complete and submit the Vendor/Contractor Registration Form.
  3. Once you receive an email stating you have been approved, log back in to your ODU Parking Portal guest account and purchase your permit. You will receive an email receipt once your purchase is complete.
  4. Don't forget to register all potential vehicle license plates to the permit.

Hourly parking provides short-term parking in high-demand locations at $1.00/30 minutes.

  • Hourly parking is enforced year round, 24 hours a day.
  • Parking MUST be paid for immediately upon parking your vehicle.
  • ODU has (1) Pay stations located in Visitor Lot 7 which accepts credit card & cash payment. ALL other hourly parking must be paid via MobilePay; City of Norfolk street meters accept loose change only.
  • ALL vehicles must pay via MobilePay or pay station (only in Visitor Lot 7) to park in an hourly parking location.
  • Vehicles can receive multiple citations at unpaid or expired hourly parking

Daily Permits are available for purchase online for $10/day, and are valid in all general parking areas.

If you're on campus six (6) hours or more, Daily Parking Permits at $10/day are more cost-effective than parking in a short-term pay-to-park location.

  • Daily Permits can be purchased online through the ODU Parking Portal
  • You can select multiple consecutive dates so that you can use one permit for the duration of your stay at ODU.
  • Please note that Daily Permits are non-refundable.

Where to Park with a Daily Permit

On the ODU Parking Map, any area that is designated as "Commuter Parking" or "Faculty/Staff Parking" is ok to park.

Daily Permits are not valid in:

  • ADA Accessible spaces (without Valid DMV Issued Placard).
  • Reserved spaces (will be marked as such with paint or signage).
  • Hourly parking spaces.
  • Carpool spaces (until 2:00pm).
  • Restricted areas (such as Loading Zones).