Accessible Parking

Note: A valid ODU permit or hourly parking payment & State-issued ADA placard/plate is required

Two (2) authorizations are required to park in an ADA Accessible parking space on ODU campus:

  1. State-issued Disability Parking Placard or License Plate
  2. ODU-issued Parking Permit or hourly parking Payment
accessible parking space

ADA Accessible parking spaces are only for vehicles that have a valid ODU Parking Permit in addition to their state-issued Disability placard/plate. Vehicles with both of the above may only use marked ADA Accessible parking spaces.

An unauthorized vehicle in an accessible parking space is subject to citation, immobilization and/or towing at the owner's expense.

Virginia DMV Disability Permit Usage

"The holder of the placard must be the driver or a passenger in the vehicle. In addition, the placard holder is required to carry the Disabled Parking Placard Identification Card that is issued with the placard and to present it upon request. It is a serious misuse of placards and plates for the disabled when someone other than the person with a disability uses the placard or plate to park in a space reserved for people with disabilities. The person to whom the placard or plates was issued must be traveling in the vehicle in order to use these spaces. A conviction of this offense could result in fines of up to $500 and/or the revocation of your disabled parking privileges, requiring you to surrender your placard or plates."

Garage C

Accessible Short Term Parking

ALL Accessible parking spaces located on campus require either a valid ODU parking permit or aan hourly parking payment, along with the state-issued Disability Parking Placard or License. ADA Accessible hourly parking is available in multiple locations and payable via MobilePay. Visitor Lot 7 is the ONLY location on campus with a pay station that accepts cash/coin. See lot locations on the Campus Parking Map.

temporary disability

Temporary Accessible Parking

Any member of the campus community needing temporary parking arrangements due to mobility-related issues can come by the Transportation & Parking Services office to arrange for Temporary Accessible parking to park in designated disability parking spaces. Please note, an official letter or form from your doctor explaining the mobility limitation is required to obtain a Temporary Accessible parking.

Additional Resources

Persons to whom the DMV Disabled Parking Placard was issued MUST be in the vehicle upon arriving at a designated Disability Parking Space. Please review all state regulations before using a Disabled Parking Placard:

ODU aims to assist all students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives and strives to coordinate services that enable independence and self-reliance.

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