Anil Sehgal

Anil Sehgal


Biomedical Science Major | Class of 1994

Anil Sehgal, received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Science from ODU in 1994. After receiving his doctorate, he moved to the West Coast where he was Assistant Member, Pacific Northwest Cancer Foundation in Seattle.

In the past ten years, Dr. Sehgal has won several awards for his achievements in cancer biology and holds patents on critical cancer-related genes. During that time he has worked as as assistant research biologist at The University of California, San Jose where he focused on neurological surgery and brain tumor and at Chem Genex Pharmaceuticals as director, molecular biology and genomics.

Dr. Sehgal serves as a consultant for PSR Pharmaceuticals and works as an analyst for a Boston-based company, Drug and Market Development.

He and his wife, Kanchan Mehan live in Dublin, CA with their children, Komal and Abhinav.