Kristina Uribarres

Kristina Uribarres



Psychology Major | Class of 1996

How has being a Psychology graduate from ODU helped shape your professional success?

I think it has a lot to do with marketing because when I was learning Psychology they taught us everything. There were classes for child psychology, abnormal psychology and IO psychology (which is what they use in corporations). You can basically apply psychology to anything everyday marketing as well. They use it in corporations to manage conflicts between people, you can apply psychology it to everything. I think it helps you when you're trying to push a product, if a company is asking you hey can you help us advertise this foundation, it has to be real, you have to like it, it has to come from your heart. It also helps to know how the consumer thinks, so psychology helps.

What advice would you give to current Monarchs in Psychology?

I loved everything about ODU when I was there. I really liked the teachers, and they were all really nice. Majoring in Psychology helps you to know what the consumer thinks and is interested in.

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