Imani Black

Imani Black
Imani Black

Faculty Research Assistant at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and Minorities in Aquaculture Founder & Owner

Biology with Marine Concentration Major | Class of 2016

How has being a Biological Sciences graduate from ODU helped shape your professional success?

Being a Biological Sciences grad from ODU has helped with my professional connections to other VA institutions near/around ODU. My initial goal was to use the skills and tools I learned from my time at ODU and build a great career moving forward. Not only have I used skills such as public speaking, research skills and networking that have positively impacted my career but because of the article on the College of Science page, my experience at ODU, my career and Minorities In Aquaculture, were given a platform to reach other colleges and their minorities students in a more impactful way. For those things I am extremely grateful and thankful to have that opportunity.

What advice would you give to current Monarchs in Science?

One thing I would say is to really take the time to figure out what you want to study. Once you do, then start researching the skills and experiences you will need to qualify and be prepared for future positions. I realized during my time that having a dive certification looked really good for applications so I joined the ODU dive club to learn more about SCUBA. Luckily, Virginia Beach has a great diving community which made getting my certification easier. If you're interested in academia, reach out to professors doing interesting research and see if there's an opportunity to volunteer in their lab so you can improve your lab skills. Educate yourself outside of class about your future and then actively use the resources around you to further prepare you.

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