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Youth Program Event Registration

Ensuring Proper Protection of Minors

Welcome to the Events Registration page for events involving minors. Old Dominion is committed to ensuring that our campus is a safe place for learning, living, and working; you play an important role in that effort. Recent laws and our own Minors on Campus Policy 3014 further enhance that commitment.

Provided below are information and reference materials to assist you in registering your Youth Program event with ODU. All events involving minors, both on campus and those that occur off campus but are sponsored by ODU, must be registered with the University. It is imperative this registration is begun at least 30 days before the day of the event.

Events that Need to be Registered
  • Any camp, clinic, conference, workshop, program or other activity involving minors who are NOT registered students at ODU, AND
  • The event is sponsored by a college, school, department, office, organization or other unit of ODU and located on or off university property, OR
  • The event is sponsored by a third party on university property, OR
  • Programs sponsored by a recognized student organization.

See Annex A for details.

Events that do NOT Need to be Registered
  • Any event on university property which is open and marketed to the general public where minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents or legal guardians. Examples include: concerts, plays, athletic events, national tests (SAT, ACT, etc.).
  • Any private event held on university property where minors attend under parental or legal guardian supervision.
  • Student recruitment activities scheduled to last no longer than one day and does not include overnight stays. Examples: open houses, admission visits, tours.
  • University research involving minors as human subjects.
  • Other programs chosen by the university president or designated official in advance and in writing as exempt from this policy or specific provisions of this policy.


Youth Program Director
Each event/program is required to have a Youth Program Director/Administrator. The director's duties and responsibilities are outlined in the Youth Programs Manual. Please read the manual and complete the checklist before registering your event. ODU Youth Programs Training will be required.

Use of Campus Facilities
If the event requires the use of campus facilities, please refer to the "Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting Facility Use" section of the manual.

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