Youth Programs Training

Summer Camp Group

Any group or organization wishing to host a youth program on campus (such as summer camps, clinics, etc.) must complete ODU's Youth Program Training course. The training consists of:

  1. a review of source materials
  2. an overall quiz on the content of the source materials (combined)

A score of 90% or higher grants you completion of the course. Upon completion of the quiz, the Office for Risk Management will retain a copy of the training records and notify the Youth Program Director should a Youth Program Staff be out of compliance with this training.

Who is required to take the training?

  • Youth Program Director and/or their designee
  • Youth Program Staff and Volunteer Staff with child welfare responsibilities
  • Individuals designated to serve as Authorized Adults
Begin Here:

Take the Quiz

This quiz will verify your understanding of University Policy #3014, the Youth Program Manual, and the DSS Mandated Reporter Training. Take the Quiz >

Certification of Completion

Upon completion of the quiz, the Office for Risk Management will review your results. You need a score of at least 90% to pass.

If you have any questions about your status, you can email

The Youth Program Director should have additional program specific training for their Youth Program Staff. Some of the required training subjects to be a part of the program specific training is detailed in Annex K - About Training Requirements.

Per Policy #3014, a recent FBI approved criminal background check is required of all youth program staff with child welfare responsibilities. If one has not been obtained, the Office for Compliance and Risk Management may be able to provide an instant FBI approved background check (more information).