Vehicle Coverage

Reporting State & Rental Vehicle Accidents

All accidents with State-Owned and rental vehicles on official business of the university should be reported as follows:
  1. Police: Off-campus accidents to the State Police (Hampton Roads) at 800-582-8350 or cellular #77; On-campus accidents to the University Police at 757-683-4000.
  2. Office for Risk Management: Complete an Automobile Loss Incident Report Form and fax to 757-683-6025 or email to within 24 hours of the accident. *NOTE: We cannot engage the Division of Risk Management (DRM) to act on your behalf until the Automobile Loss Incident Report Form has been signed and received.
  3. Your Supervisor
  4. Human Resources: If an employee is injured while on official business in a rented or state-owned vehicle, the incident should also be reported to Human Resources by completing a Workers Compensation Accident Report form.
If you have an accident:

STOP IMMEDIATELY: Do not leave the scene, and take all necessary precautions to prevent further accidents or harm


SEND FOR HELP - DO NOT LEAVE: Use your mobile or ask a passing motorist or someone to contact State Police or call 911


GET CONTACT INFO OF WITNESSES: Write down all names/numbers. Fill out the Automobile Loss Notice Form and notify your supervisor


DO NOT: Make a statement of any kind to anyone other than your employer, a police officer, or ODU Risk Management

Insurance Cards

There is an insurance card located in the glove compartment of every state owned vehicle. If you need an additional card, you may use/print this Auto Insurance Card.

Rental Vehicles

  • Insurance & Deductibles: Departments or the individual driver will be responsible for the deductibles. The University's coverage may be excess to any other available coverage. If you are renting a car in a foreign country, it is advisable to purchase the optional CDL and LDL insurance. Any additional costs may be reimbursable according to current University travel regulations.
  • Check-In: When accepting or returning a rental vehicle, it is highly recommended that the driver inspect the vehicle for any and all physical damage, and bring such damages to the attention of the rental agent. It is also strongly recommended that vehicles not be returned after hours, so that the driver may be present during the formal check-in process to avoid possible liability for damages discovered later.
  • Roadside Assistance Protection offered when the rental car is picked up should be declined, but any actual emergencies requiring roadside assistance may be paid with the PCard if the PCard was used to pay for the car rental. If a PCard was not used to pay for the rental, then the rental and any additional legitimate charges such as emergency road side assistance should be invoiced and processed via the PA01 Form (if less than $500).

Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicles used for University business or for approved activities are not covered by the University's vehicle insurance. The rationale for this State policy is that the mileage reimbursement is sufficient to cover the cost of the owner's insurance. In the event of an accident, the State may accept liability for judgments in excess of the owner's insurance coverage.

Non-State Employees & Vehicles

Only individuals on official University business are allowed to ride in state vehicles. Non-state employees may accompany state employees operating state vehicles only if they are needed to support the purpose of the event or activity (on University business). A non-state vehicle should be used when a state employee is joined by a non-state employee who is not involved with University business. Non-state employees on University business could include students, volunteers, vendors, spouses, or official University visitors. In all instances, the department head responsible for the event or activity must authorize vehicle use. If you need additional guidance, please contact the Office for Risk Management at 757-683-4009 or

Third Party Claims

If you have an automobile liability inquiry or an active automobile claim against Old Dominion University, those matters are handled by the Division of Risk Management in Richmond. Therefore, please contact:

Commonwealth of Virginia
Division of Risk Management
P.O. Box 1879
Richmond, VA 23218-1879
Phone (804) 786-3152
Fax (804) 371-2442