Travel Registry Requirement

University Travel Risk Management Policy

The University Office for Risk Management administers the University Travel Risk Management Policy #1007 and maintains the University Travel Risk Management registry. This policy requires registration of all global business travel as defined in the policy.

Policy #1007 applies to all employees, students, and employees of affiliated organizations who are paid through the University for approved University-supported/funded travel.

Affiliated organizations such as the Foundations, the Community Development Corporation, and the Alumni Association, are also subject to this policy.

Travelers should consult the Virginia Department of Health and CDC websites for current updates and information related to domestic and international travel, recommendations, and requirements, which may impose travel restrictions.

Global Travel That Needs to Be Registered
  • Travel funded by ODU

  • Travel funded by ODU Foundations

  • Travel for athletic events

  • ODU sponsored travel for faculty, staff, or students

  • Travel abroad that is funded by foreign¬†governments, foreign entities, or other foreign parties.

Global Travel That Doesn't Need To Be Registered
  • Any personal travel and non-business travel

  • Travel funded by Domestic third parties for events such as speaking engagements, visiting scholars, etc.

  • Travel provided or arranged by ODU Center for Global Engagement, including study abroad international learning programs. Please use the TerraDotta App and reference our Study Abroad page.

International Travel

All international travel is to be registered at ODU Travel Registry. A travel waiver is required if traveling to a restricted area. View current restrictions by country.