Safe Medication Administration

Patient safety is paramount. Medication administration provides numerous opportunities for errors. According to To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System, medication errors account for more than 7,000 deaths annually. Reducing medication errors and improving communication with patients is a critical. 

Upon completion of this instruction, students should be able to:

  • Describe the safety principles of medication administration
  • List the safety steps of medication administration
  • Demonstrate the proper sequence for administering medication

This simulation provides students:

  • A video-based lecture on the proper steps in medication administration
  • A video demonstration of the proper steps
  • A simulation environment -- or gaming portion of the assignment --  to practice these steps and test skills.

Having issues accessing the assignment or the gaming portion of the assignment? Please contact one of the simulation faculty or your course coordinator.

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Suggested Citation: Figgs, D., Greenwood, D., Hawkins, J., Norris, D., Thompson, B., Tremblay, B., Wiles, L., & Williamson, B. (2020). Safe Medication Administration Virtual Learning Environment. Old Dominion University. Retrieved from Old Dominion University's Undergraduate Nursing.

Video Lecture: Safe Medication Administration Overview

Use this video lecture to learn the steps of safe medication administration and to prepare for the Virtual Learning Environment. Complete this module PRIOR to your simulation date.

    Demonstration of Safe Medication Administration

    Watch a demonstration of safe medication administration set in the virtual learning environment. 

    Enter the Learning Simulation

    Once you have completed the lecture module and viewed the demonstration, you can participate in the Medication Administration Simulation or gaming module. 

    Interested in Using the Simulation?

    Educators or administrators interested in using the Safe Medication Virtual Learning Environment are welcome to contact the ODU School of Nursing and request access.