Established in 2018, the ODU MathFest is a free, non-competitive celebration of great ideas and problems in mathematics and related STEM subjects. There are many approachable activities and games that are designed so there is no chance that any student will be too challenged or bored. What started as a one-day event has expanded into a year-round event series with opportunities for teachers, students, and their families to find and explore math at school, home, and in their community. All events are supported by ODU faculty and student volunteers. 


Our Team

MathFest Director & Research Associate at the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center

Katie has been leading the MathFest since the first event in 2018. She has a passion for helping people of all ages use their skills and creativity to see themselves as mathematicians. She is a researcher at ODU who loves developing new models for data and systems that make the world a better and more welcoming place.

Teacher Workshop Lead

Tamara is the Educational Specialist for Mathematics at T-TAC ODU, where she provides professional development, coaching, and resources for teachers and administrators in VDOE Superintendent's Regions 2 and 3. Passionate about meeting the needs of students from every demographic, Tamara's work is focused on the impact of teachers and teacher collaboration on student success--emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.

Funding Coordinator

Sarah has been working with the MathFest since 2019. She is an experienced Mathematics Educator who enjoys showing students the beauty and practicality of mathematics. Sarah is a Master Teacher with the ODU MonarchTeach program.

Faculty Lead Volunteer

Corinne Wilson is a MathFest volunteer and data analyst for the Center for Implementation and Evaluation of Education Systems at ODU. Primarily, she supports the evaluation of several education grants for the Virginia Department of Education. Her favorite aspect of evaluation is the constant expansion of knowledge that comes from always learning something new that was not in her direct field of study. She also has taught for the ODU Math & Stat Department for more than 15 years.

Faculty Lead Volunteer

Amanda is passionate about helping others understand mathematics, probability, and statistics. She volunteers her time in support of ODU MathFest as it provides a unique opportunity to support both teachers and students in exploring the joy and application of mathematics, probability, and statistics. She is a data analyst and evaluator for the Center for Implementation and Evaluation of Education Systems at Old Dominion University, where she supports data collection, analysis, and visualization to inform the implementation and evaluation of education programs.


  • Northrop Grumman
  • Virginia Department of Educator's Training & Technical Assistance Center at ODU
  • ODU College of Sciences
  • American Society of Naval Engineers Tidewater Section
  • Center for Implementation and Evaluation of Education Systems at ODU