Approving Timesheets

Supervisors & Proxies

Supervisors (or proxies) are required to approve timesheets EACH pay period. Each individual timesheet must be reviewed to ensure employees have entered the correct number of hours and the correct earnings and leave codes. A supervisor (approver) or a proxy can see an employee's timesheet, reported hours, and leave balances only. Neither the approver nor the proxy can see any other information about the employee.

When a supervisor or proxy approves a web timesheet, the supervisor/proxy is certifying that all information contained is correct and that the employee worked the hours shown on the web timesheet.

Training Video

In less than 6 minutes, this video presents detailed instructions for WTE Approvers.

Quick Reference Guide

Find a Quick Reference Guide you can print complete with screenshots.

Supervisor/Proxy Responsibilities

Supervisors and their proxies approve timesheets.


Timesheets must be approved and submitted via Web Time Entry (WTE) by 10:00am on the first business day after the pay period ends. Refer to the Payroll Schedule or WTE Submission Schedule for actual approval dates.

  • Hourly Wage/Student Hourly Employees (4021, 4025, 4028, 4029) - approval dates typically 16th or 1st
  • Classified Employees (Exempt and Non-Exempt) - approval dates typically 10th and 25th
  • If these dates fall on a University holiday or weekend, timesheets will be due to Payroll by 10:00am on the next University work day.

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