ROTC Scholarships

The four-year scholarship is available to students who have graduated from high school or possess an equivalent certificate prior to starting college. In keeping with high standards, candidates are selected for scholastic as well as extracurricular accomplishment, and not on the basis of financial need.

Scholarships are offered in different monetary levels up to $16,000 annually, and cover the cost of college tuition and fees. Army winners also receive a tax-free subsistence allowance of $150 per month for up to 10 months each year the scholarship is in effect.

Winners are selected based on the results of his or her SAT scores, and high school academic standing. The finalist must submit three school officials' evaluations. Extracurricular activities and a personal interview are also of importance.

As a winner of a four-year scholarship, you are required to take a ROTC class, which demands less than a few hours a week of one's time. You may engage in any activity that does not interfere with your ROTC requirements. Upon graduation, you have an obligation to accept a commission and serve full time in the Active Army, or part time in either the Army National Guard or the US Army Reserve.

Applications are available from March of your high school junior year to November 1 of your senior year. Your application must be mailed before November 15 of your senior year. Winners are notified March 1. To receive an application call 1-800-USA-ROTC.