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We recycle at ODU!

America Recycles Day

The mission of the Facilities Management Recycling Department is to remove as much recyclable material from the University's waste stream as possible, while providing the best and most efficient service to our customers. It is the responsibility of everyone at Old Dominion University to help develop a more environmentally sustainable campus and we encourage this by emphasizing student and faculty participation.

The Recycling Department strives to increase the volume, diversity, and quality of the recyclables that we process. It is with great pride that we do our part as environmental stewards of ODU, as we continue to evaluate and adapt to the changing environmental needs of the campus. Acceptable Materials►

Where & What to Recycle

Acceptable recycling materials, unacceptable contaminants and recycling locations on campus.

Thank You Monarch Nation!

The campus community has effectively demonstrated environmental stewardship and responsibility through continually utilizing our department's recycling services. We are looking forward to this upcoming semester where we can serve the campus community with even greater commitment to an eco-friendly ethos. As we continue to build we have an opportunity to make impressive progress. While we have enjoyed successful collaboration with our campus partners, an important emphasis for this year will be on optimizing teamwork and communication. We are embarking on a parallel journey with campus "Sustainability," and will have dialogue in three areas:

  • Environmental - Natural Resource Use, Environmental Management, Pollution Prevention (Air, Water, Land, Waste).
  • Social - Standard of living, Education, Community, Equal Opportunity.
  • Economic - Profit, Cost savings, Economic growth, Research and development.

To the student body, administration, faculty, staff, support groups, and friends: let us come together to create a phenomenal year for sustainability on our campus.

Watch 'Sustainability Campaign Team - A' on Microsoft Stream to learn more

With Regards,

Harvey Logan
Assistant Director of Support Services & Recycling