S-STEM Scholarship

ODU School of Cybersecurity has three scholarships opening starting in Fall 2021. The scholarship amount is $4,444 Fall and Spring, respectively, total $8,888 one year. Two scholarships are for students who are junior in Fall 2021, with demonstrated financial need. The scholarships can be renewed one more year for total two years conditioned on meeting the academic performance requirements, including the minimum GPA 3.0 and on schedule to graduate by Spring 2022. The third scholarship is one year only, for students who are senior in Fall 2021 and will graduate in Spring 2022.

Contact: Dr. Chunsheng Xin, 231 Kaufman Hall, Norfolk, VA 23529, Email: cxin@odu.edu

First Cybersecurity Class


Junior or senior students in Fall 2021, enrolled full time in ODU Cybersecurity major, U.S. citizen or permanent resident, with demonstrated financial need. The junior students will finish the study and graduate within two years (by Spring 2023). The senior students will finish the study and graduate within one years (by Spring 2022).

How to Apply

Click the button below to start application. Please apply online and submit the following documents. Early applications are strongly encouraged. The applications are accepted until the positions are filled.

  1. A cover letter to describe your career goal or graduate study plan, and experience in cybersecurity. You are also encouraged to describe how you will graduate in time specified above.
  2. Transcripts of all colleges attended including ODU (unofficial copies can be accepted for application)
  3. Resume (education, academic achievements (honors, awards, etc.), related experience, skills, etc.)
  4. A printout of your degree works from degree.odu.edu.
  5. The supplemental Excel curriculum sheet that includes the courses you have taken or transferred to meet the degree requirement, and the future courses you plan to take to complete the degree requirement. Please download the Excel template here. Note that the content of this item is similar to your degreeworks, but in an organized excel sheet.

In addition, please file FAFSA (required) if you have not done it.