GenCyber Teacher Summer Camp on Cybersecurity and AI

Driven by its tremendous success in numerous fields, our society is entering the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI fascinates K-12 students and is ranked as the top interest among all cybersecurity related topics. ODU welcome middle and high school (6th - 12th Grade) STEM teachers to apply for a GenCyber Summer Camp on Cybersecurity +AI. The camp will train participants to learn fundamentals of cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, though a series of lectures, hands-on labs, invited talks, and a field trip to Navy. Assisted by a K-12 expert and camp staff, the participants will also learn to create lesson plans for two small cybersecurity or AI modules, which are suitable to be taught to middle and high school students. We will provide resources to participatants to build a teacher learning community.

Program Highlights

  • Cost: Free of Charge
  • Stipend: $1000 for the camp. Additional $1500 for selected participants on post-camp research
  • Free lunch and snack
  • Training and research opportunity in AI and cybersecurity

Camp Dates and Location

July 18 - July 22, 2022, Time: 9 AM - 4:30 PM, Location: 2115 Monarch Hall, School of Cybersecurity, Old Dominion University

How to Apply

  • The application will be reviewed by a rolling base. But the applications received by Jan. 15, 2022 will be given full consideration.
  • You will need the following information in the applicatin form: computer science relevant courses you teach (if any), other STEM courses you teach, and a resume.
  • Click the button below to apply (you will need to have a google or gmail account to log in, in order to upload a resume).