Training Cyber Talents for DoD Workforce

The cyberspace offers a new dimension of warfighting, which calls for training cyber talents to defend the nation. Recruiting and developing cyber workforce talent to defend the data, systems, and networks of DoD are key themes in DoD cybersecurity policy. AI is a key priority area of DoD, and becoming a critical part of modern warfare. This project supports to create a cybersecurity and artificial intelligence research and training (CART) program at ODU, for cyber faculty and students to carry out solid research and training in DoD priority cyber areas. This program invite both undergraduate and gradaute students to apply and team with a faculty member affiliated with School of Cybersecurity of Old Dominion University to carry out a research project in Spring to Summer 2022. One of the main objectives of this program is to prepare and help students to apply for the prestigeous DoD CySP scholarship that supports full tuition and fees, books, laptop, and $25K stipend for undergraduate students and $30K stipend for graduate students.

Program Highlights

Each student will receive $5000 stipend for the research. Students will receive solid training for research in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity and has a stronger portfolio to apply for DoD CySP scholarship.

Cyber Services


  • Must be U.S. citizen and in a STEM major. Preference will be given to Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Technology students.
  • Undergraduate students: students must be junior or senior year, or in a ODU graduate program in academic year 2022 to 2023. GPA >= 3.2
  • Graduate students: students must be in the master or doctor program in academic year 2022 to 2023. GPA >= 3.5.

How to Apply

  • The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis. But the applications received by Jan. 15, 2022 will be given full consideration.
  • The application will need you to upload the following documents: Resume, transcripts of the current college (unofficial is acceptable), or if less than 2 years in current college, transcripts of the previous college (unofficial is acceptable). Two other documents are optional: personal statement and recommendation letter.
  • The application will require you to log in a google or gmail account in order to upload your documents. You can use your ODU email to log in.