No, Army ROTC is an elective. If the student wishes to become more involved in the Army ROTC and pursue a commission then they will pursue an Army contract.

Yes, every major is compatible with Army ROTC.

Cadets in ODU Army ROTC do experience a normal college life. Many join fraternities, clubs, SGA, and others. Other than Physical Training sessions (PT) and Leadership Development Labs on Thursday from 1330-1500, all other time is meant for your academics and personal life.

Army ROTC Cadets do not deploy. Only after the cadet has been commissioned, become a 2nd Lieutenant, and gone through Basic Course are they deployable.

Yes, Army ROTC cadets can select to go National Guard or Reserve instead of choosing Active Duty Service. NOTE: Active Duty is very competitive and those who do not receive Active Duty will go to either National Guard or Reserve.


ODU’s Army ROTC program has satellite programs at Tidewater Community College, Virginia Wesleyan University, and Regent University, so you can attend your regular classes at your home school and still be a cadet at ODU’s Army ROTC program. Please talk to your school’s registrar to find out how to enroll in ODU’s Military Science and Leadership classes.

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No matter where you're coming from, or where you'd like to go, joining the ODU Army ROTC Monarch Battalion can be part of your journey. Click below to learn how to join.