Eminent Scholar Award


Meet Some Of Our Eminent Scholars!

The Eminent Scholar designation has been established in order to recognize faculty members of unusual merit and service to the university. Only faculty members holding the rank of full professor at Old Dominion University for a minimum of three years may be considered for this honor. Only when eminent scholar status is considered as a part of the initial appointment process may this requirement be waived. A select number of full professors may be designated as eminent scholars.

Designated faculty members will hold the title permanently, be so identified in University publications and will receive an annual salary supplement for as long as they remain at the University. The names of all Eminent Scholars will appear on a plaque prominently displayed at the University.


Nominees shall have met the following criteria:

  • Service in the rank of full professor at Old Dominion University for a minimum of three academic years.
  • A scholarly publication record or stature in the creative arts which will have clearly established a national reputation as a scholar in the nominee's discipline.

  • Substantial success in obtaining external funding for research, if applicable.

Nomination Process & Schedule


Professor Larry Weinstein Jefferson Lab
Larry Weinstein, Professor & Eminent Scholar

All that is required to nominate a faculty member for the Eminent Scholar designation is a letter from any tenured faculty member in the nominee's discipline submitted to the nominee's department chair and dean. The nomination must be a written letter that highlights the applicant's qualification for the designation and submitted to the department chair and dean no later than September 15.

Candidates are responsible for providing sufficient materials to enable the department colleagues and chair, the dean, and the Eminent Scholars Committee to decide whether they meet the criteria. In addition to an up-to-date curriculum vitae, a letter from the candidate should explain why he or she merits this honor and what is being provided to document the request for designation as eminent scholar. Five external reviews by nationally-recognized experts testifying to the national and international reputation of the body of the candidate's work should be solicited independently by the department chair.

For additional details on the application process, please see the updated ODU Teaching and Research Faculty Handbook.


Schedule of Tenured Faculty For Eminent Scholar Designation

9/15 Nomination by any tenured department/school colleague in nominee's discipline submitted to department/ school chair.
10/1 Department/school chair convenes department/school committee and ensures complete application packets are available for review.
11/1 Formation of Eminent Scholars Committee.
11/15 Department/school chair conducts secret ballot of all tenured members in department/school on the nomination.
12/1 Department/school chair completes independent evaluation and submits it, the department/school review letter and vote, and credentials to the dean.
1/15 Dean evaluates credentials and submits independent evaluations and faculty member’s credentials and review letters to the University Eminent Scholars Committee via the Provost’s Office. The materials must be submitted to the Provost’s Office electronically.
2/1 Provost and vice president for academic affairs makes application packets available electronically to Eminent Scholars Committee.
3/15 Eminent Scholars Committee, by affirmative vote of at least five members, submits recommendations to the provost and vice president for academic affairs, who will make final designation.
4/15 Provost and vice president for academic affairs notifies faculty member of decision concerning designation as eminent scholar.

Award & Presentation

The recipients are recognized at the annual faculty awards dinner with a certificate. Also, their names will be added to a large plaque prominently displayed at the University. In addition, recipients will receive an annual salary supplement for as long as they remain faculty members at ODU. The recipient is not required (or invited) to make a presentation.

Past Award Winners


  • Kent Carpenter, Biological Sciences


  • Nikos Chrisochoides, Computer Science
  • Sylvain Marsillac, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Eileen Hofmann, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Kenneth Mopper, Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Greg Cutter, Ocean and Earth Sciences
  • Alex Gurevich, Physics


  • Peter Schulman, World Languages & Cultures


  • David Burdige, Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Sebastian Kuhn, Physics
  • Jeffrey Richards, English


  • Leposava Vuskovic, Physics
  • Lawrence Hatab, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Li D. Xu, Information Technology and Decision Sciences


  • Gary Edgerton, Communications and Theatre Arts
  • John B. Ford, Marketing
  • Mark J. Butler, IV, Biological Sciences
  • Ravindra Joshi, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Dana Heller, English
  • Shaomin Li, Business Management
  • Larry Weinstein, Physics


  • Richard Heller, Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences
  • Charles E. Hyde, Physics
  • Debra A. Major, Psychology


  • Peter Bernath, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Ling Li, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
  • Li-Shi Luo, Mathematics & Statistics


  • Ian Balitsky, Physics
  • Michelle Kelley, Psychology


  • Oktay Baysal, Engineering and Technology
  • Nancy Topping Bazin, English


  • Daniel Dauer, Biological Sciences
  • Mark Havey, Physics
  • Anatoly Radyushkin, Physics


  • Susan Kent, Sociology & Criminal Justice


  • Adolphus Hailstork, Music
  • Amed Noor, Aerospace Engineering
  • Simon Serfaty, Political Science & Geography


  • Dwight Allen, Educational Curriculum & Instruction
  • Nina Brown, Educational Leaderships & Counseling
  • Frank Day, Biological Sciences
  • Lee Manning, Educational Curriculum & Instruction
  • John Doukas, Finance


  • Cynthia Jones, Oceanography
  • Jay VanOrden, Physics


  • William Cunningham, Educational Leadership & Counseling
  • Hani Elsayed-Ali, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Colm Whalen, Physics


  • Rocco Schiavilla, Physics


  • Robert Ash, Aerospace Engineering
  • Larry Atkinson, Oceanography
  • Michele Darby, Dental Hygiene
  • Albert Kirwan, Oceanography
  • Kurt Maly, Computer Science
  • Leonard Ruchelman, Urban Studies & Public Administration
  • Karl Schoenbach, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Daniel Sonenshine, Biological Sciences
  • Wayne Talley, Economics


  • Gabriel Csanady, Oceanography
  • William Dunstan, Oceanography
  • John Holsinger, Biological Sciences
  • Gilbert Hoy, Physics
  • Osama Kandil, Aerospace Engineering
  • Govind Khandelwal, Physics
  • Surendra Tiwari, Mechanical Engineering
  • Melvin Williams, Health Physical Education & Recreation
  • Ram Dahiya, Mathematics & Statistics


  • Michael Andrews, English
  • Stephen Culver, Geological Sciences
  • John Echternach, Physical Therapy
  • Chuh Mei, Aerospace Engineering
  • Donald Swift, Ocean Earth & Atmospheric Sciences


  • Joseph Daniel, Biological Sciences


  • Charathi Rao, Marketing
  • Lytton Mussleman, Biological Sciences


  • Carl Boyd, History
  • Robert Gable, Special Education


  • Maurice Berube, Educational Leadership & Counseling


  • Harold G. Marshall, Biological Sciences
  • Betty Yarborough, Educational Curriculum & Instruction


  • Lewis Ford, Philosophy
  • Wynford Harries, Physics


  • Alfred Mapp, English