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Women's and Gender Studies graduates stay connected to the department and our students. We offer networking events, career advising, and direct contact with a range of potential networks. We also provide a dedicated organization to bring our alumni together and support the department.

Friends of Women's Studies

Friends of Women's & Gender Studies

Friends of Women's and Gender Studies is the community support group for our department. Our Friends group is made up of colleagues, community leaders, educators, parents, and alumnae. Each year, Friends of Women's and Gender Studies provides a series of speakers and events for the wider community to provide rich opportunities for engagement and dialogue. Through Friends of Women's and Gender Studies, students are supported with four endowed scholarships, a range of mentoring and career preparation opportunities, and a diverse support system that draws from alumna and invested advocates for feminist education.

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Donations to Friends of Women's and Gender Studies support our four endowed scholarships, student professional development, innovative teaching resources, and a range of direct community projects that link students to real social change initiatives.