Affiliated Programs

What's an Affiliated Program?

Study Abroad

An affiliated program is a program managed by a third-party provider. Most often this is a company or organization, but it may also be another university or language institute. ODU is affiliated with hundreds of programs that allow you to enroll for a summer, semester, or yearlong experience almost anywhere in the world.

The types of experiences you may have in an affiliated program vary widely. You could spend five weeks in the summer learning French at a language institute in France or spend a semester in Costa Rica doing research in the rainforest. Many programs offer classes in both English and the host country's language.

On these programs, fees are set by the sponsoring organization and typically include tuition, room, and board. Fees are paid through ODU to the sponsoring program or institution and most financial aid can be applied to these costs.

If you're interested in one of these programs, the first step is to register for an information session through our calendar. Click here to take the next step.