10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Thinking of studying abroad? Here are 10 important reasons why you need a global experience!

Experience a Different Culture

When you study abroad, you participate in the day-to-day life of a new locale as a local! Gain a first-hand understanding and new appreciation of a culture other than your own.

Improve Your Employment Prospects

Employers value prospective candidates with international experience, foreign language skills, and the ability to communicate across cultures.

Improve Your Second Language Skills

The best way to learn a new language, or perfect a language you may already know, is to be immersed in it! Surrounding yourself by native speakers, you potentially expedite your retention and fluency.

Pursue New Activities & Hobbies

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to participate in activities you might not have access to at home. Whether it's zip-lining in Argentina or parasailing in Costa Rica, use your study abroad experience to participate in new activities!

Learn to Communicate Across Cultures

In today's increasingly global society, it's important to possess the skills to communicate across cultures. This means understanding more than just a different language.

Become More Independent

Studying abroad removes you from the support network you're accustomed to. While it may seem daunting, this is a great chance to gain some independence!

Manage Your Own Finances

A major aspect of being an independent adult is having the ability to manage your own finances. Living in a new country also helps you understand a new form of currency and familiarize yourself with the various living expenses.

Explore Your Heritage

Does your family heritage stem from abroad? Studies show that students benefit both personally and academically when they study abroad in their family's country of origin.

Form New & Rewarding Relationships

Without your regular support group of friends and family, you will be confronted with new situations on a daily basis. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to meet new people and form friendships that may last a lifetime!

Network for Your Future

In addition to making friends, you can also form professional contacts while abroad.