Board of Visitors Student Representative

What is the Board of Visitors?

Keshav “K” Vermani - 2023/2024 Student Representative

Keshav "K" Vermani - 2023/2024 Student Representative

The Board of Visitors consists of 17 members who serve 4-year terms and are appointed by the Governor of Virginia who have the power to control and expend the funds of the University and can make all rules and regulations concerning the University. Members include 3 ODU alums, 3 non-residents of Virginia as well as business and community leaders. The board oversees various duties such as funding, rules, and regulations, and appointing the President. Additionally, board members serve on subcommittees ranging from Executive, Academic, and Research Advancement, Administration and Finance, University Advancement, Student Enhancement and Engagement, Audit and Compliance, Athletics, and Governance. For more information click here.

Student Responsibilities

The student representative serves as the nonvoting, advisory board member for one year, beginning on the May commencement date of each year. Responsibilities include presenting a report at four quarterly board meetings and attending regular meetings with university leadership and student leaders. The student is invited to participate in campus events, committee meetings and speaking engagements. Further, the student is appointed to the SEES Student Leadership Council, required to attend an SGA Senate meeting once per month, and host 2 interest meetings in the Spring term.

The student representative to the BOV has a unique opportunity to interact with members of the university's governing body, senior leadership, and give students a voice at the highest level of governance at Old Dominion University. This is a highly sought-after position and is beneficial to those students who are interested in learning more about leadership, higher education and university governance.

The representative is a champion of issues faced by their constituency. The representative works with the administration, various departments, constituencies, and the community to enhance student success and academic life at Old Dominion University.

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