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Why Should I Pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?

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  • Receive a knowledge base of current methods, content areas, and theories
  • Develop intellectual skills and characteristics that enhance your lifelong personal and career success
  • Take general psychology courses, quantitative methods and experimental design, and a broad range of additional courses


New Human Factors Certificate


Why Should I Pursue a Human Factors Certificate?

  • Show your commitment to the study of Human Factors on your transcript
  • Better understand how people perceive, understand, remember, and interact with technology
  • Learn the basics of human-centered design and usability evaluation

Explore the Certificate Details

Dr. Still is proud to announce the new Human Factors Certificate Program for undergraduate students. Consider enrolling in PSYC 307, PSYC 344, PSYC 410, and/or PSYC 413 during the Spring as part of the certificate requirements. 

Undergraduate Opportunities


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Work with faculty members on nationally funded grants, and engage in independent consulting and applied class projects


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Explore our organizations that offer an excellent environment to share ideas, network with professionals in your field, and "boost" your resume

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Learn more about our honors program and undergraduate awards we offer.

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