Faculty Labs

Simulation Usage Research Facility (SURF)

Students in Dr. Scerbo's laboratory study simulation and user performance primarily in the area of healthcare. The lab at ODU includes two sound-attenuation chambers and another 2-3 reconfigurable work station areas complemented with various desktop simulator systems. Other facilities are located at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Human-Automation Collaboration (HAC) Laboratory

Students in Dr. Chen's laboratory study the factors that influence human performance and decision making, and to apply these understandings to solve practical problems. Students have worked on real-world problems such as improving safety in semi-autonomous driving systems and effective risk communication in the cyber space.

Psychology Of Design Laboratory

Students in Dr. Still's laboratory are currently developing models to predict eye movements within interfaces. Helping designers guide users effectively through interfaces. We are also improving and inventing usable authentication methods. Making logging into a system easier and safer by designing interactions that exploit users' natural cognitive abilities.

Applied Cognitive Performance Laboratory

Students in Dr. Yamani's laboratory study the phenomenon of visual attention in the domain of transportation safety and human-automation interaction. Students have access to a driving simulator and eye tracking systems for the study of visual cognition and perception in applied environments.

Applied and Translational Psychophysiology Laboratory

Students in Dr. Yang’s laboratory study physiological processes underlying human performance. The research focuses on identifying indictors of workload and stress, and developing training programs to reduce errors and improve safety in real-life settings. Multimodal electrophysiological and neuroimaging techniques in the laboratory are available for students’ research.

Human Factors Science Lab

External Research Laboratories

vmasc garcia 1

Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) - conducts a wide range of funded research projects concerning modeling and simulation. Human factors specialists provide research, testing, training, and behavioral modeling support for military, medical, and business applications. Customers include the U S Navy, Northrop Grumman Newport News, and the US Joint Forces Command.


NASA Langley

NASA Langley Research Center - as one of NASA's premier centers for aerospace research, students may collaborate with human factors researchers at NASA through a variety of educational programs.


EVMS Brickell Library

Eastern Virginia Medical School - located minutes away from the ODU campus - is home to the Sentara Center for Simulation and Immersive Learning. Students work with medical faculty, residents, students, and standardized patients on projects aimed at improving the delivery of healthcare.