Secretary General's Welcome

ODUMUNC 48, 13-16 February 2025

Esteemed Delegates, Faculty and Guests,


It is our Secretariat’s greatest honor and privilege to welcome you to the 2025 ODU Model United Nations Conference, ODUMUNC 48, at the Norfolk Sheraton Waterside Hotel. ODUMUNC 48 comes at a time of intense change and unrest in the world. By the time conference occurs, we will be in a vastly different political landscape than we see now. 

We hear constant cries for change, to be vocal, to act. We are part of it. ODU participates in the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, promoting civic engagement to remove voting barriers for students. We are one of a handful of institutions to receive the 2024 Highly Established Action Plan Seal, for implementing strategies to maximize student involvement in their civic community. With a multi-national community and strong drive for student advocacy, this year’s ODUMUNC theme is Navigating Multilateralism in our Multipolar World.

Model UN can be a life changing experience. Whether you are politically engaged, devoted to foreign affairs, enjoy public speaking, or behind-the scenes negotiation, we offer a strong outlet to develop skills sure to benefit you. We are looking forward to the 2025 conference full of engaging dialogue, intense debate, and innovative solutions to the multitude of challenges faced by the United Nations.

We wish all delegates and delegations the best of luck preparing. For complete info to register, see our Welcome packet. We are excited to welcome you back for our 48th year, and look forward to seeing you at the Opening Ceremony, Friday 14 February 2025.


J Belin, Secretary-General

ODU Model United Nations Conference XLVIII