MBA Student FAQ

This section of the Old Dominion MBA website was designed to provide you with the information you need to manage your course of study. Please contact the MBA Office if you have questions about any of the information provided below.

Prospective Student FAQs

Do we offer GMAT/GRE Waivers?

We will consider GMAT/GRE waiver requests for high potential candidates by considering application elements that demonstrate the ability to take on the rigor of graduate level studies. Eligibility includes terminal degree, experience/academics combination, military experience/academics combination, recent/current enrolled high potential undergraduates, or expired GMAT/GRE test scores.

Waiver request information can be found here.

What is the policy on accepting transfer credit from other institutions?

A maximum of 12 semester-hour credits (or equivalent) may be transferred from another AACSB-I program. A grade of B or above needs to be earned and the course must be fewer than 5 years old.

Experiential Learning course work (including up to six hours but no more than 3 hours in any one type earned through experiential learning, internship, or independent study credit options) may be applied toward the M.B.A. course requirements.

Can I request to delay my entry semester?

Yes, you can defer your entry term up to a year. Please write to the MBA Program Office, 1026 Constant Hall, Norfolk, VA 23529 or email Ask to defer your application to the appropriate semester.

How many applicants are accepted? What are the disqualifiers? Is there a "profile" of the typically accepted student?

The percentage of acceptance is about 75% each semester. The minimum acceptance requirements for regular admission are a GMAT score of 500 and undergraduate GPA of 2.8. Our average GMAT score is around 540 and our average GPA is around 3.3. We can work with those who have lower than our minimum GPA requirements, if students are able to present evidence of quantitative abilities that show likelihood of graduate success. Provisional admission may be considered for students nearly meeting those requirements.

The profile of a typically accepted student is a full-time employee, part-time student with the average age of around 30. MBA students are from a multitude of different academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds. This provides the student body with a large pool of experience and knowledge to share in the MBA learning environment, which enhances the overall benefits that the students receive during their time at ODU.

Are there additional requirements for non-native English speakers?

Applicants whose native language is not English are also required to submit an acceptable score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Non-native English-speaking applicants may be considered for conditional admission to the ELC's Monarch English Transition Program (formerly known as the Bridge Program). The Graduate Monarch English Transition (MET) Programs combine two English language support courses with one to two courses in the student's academic field. Successful completion of the semester-long MET Program satisfies the University's English proficiency requirement. Details about the program can be found at

Application deadlines are posted on the admissions webpage.

How are core courses delivered?

We offer a blend of 100% asynchronous, or a hybrid method where instruction is 60% online and 40% on campus/live where we include recorded live sessions for students who are unable to make in person meetings. Courses are delivered in 8-week sessions in each semester.

How do we offer specializations?

Students may choose the option to apply their elective credits in pursuit of one of the ODU MBA program's high-impact MBA Concentrations. These 9 credit-hour concentrations allow students to meet all MBA graduation requirements while adding a specialization to their MBA degree. Students pursuing a concentration will complete a prescribed set of MBA Depth and elective courses as outlined in the MBA Concentrations in our catalog.

Alternatively, students may pursue a general MBA with no concentration selected or go deeper still by choosing to enhance their learning experience by adding a graduate certificate from those offered at Old Dominion University. Graduate certificates are stand-alone credentials that typically require a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 24 credit depending upon the certificate and its learning objectives. Selecting this path would add credits to the student's program. However, for certificate courses that are business related, it may be possible for some of the certificate courses to count both toward the certificate and the MBA degree. Students would work with the MBA program advisor to determine how many, if any, credits may count both toward the MBA and the graduate certificate. It is possible to add a certificate to the MBA and have as few as 3 additional credit hours added to the MBA program of study.

Please note that a maximum of 12 credit hours of work at the 500-level can be applied toward the MBA program of study.

Does our program require Prerequisites?

No. Students from various backgrounds join our program regardless of previous class work completed. We only require that applicants are from a regionally accredited institution.

Is there any scholarship/grant money available for MBA students?

Accepted MBA students can apply for graduate assistantship work positions and scholarships within the MBA program. External options for scholarship opportunities exist as well, and links to several of them are provided on the ODU MBA website.

Admitted/Current Student FAQs

What type of career guidance can the MBA Program offer me?

All MBA students will be required to take MBA 648, Building a Professional Brand. The course will give students useful tools for career development and the instructor provides executive coaching ongoing.

All MBA students are eligible to receive full Career Development Services (CDS). For details go to Career Services or 757-683-4388.

Parking Information

MBA students may purchase a commuter decal. Students may obtain decals at the Parking Office on the Norfolk or Higher Education Campuses, or online on the ODU Parking Portal. There is also meter parking available. For additional information about parking, visit ODU parking or call 757-683-4004.

Do I have to see the advisor in person to register?

No, you can be advised by phone, e-mail, or video conference. You do have to notify your advisor of your intended courses. Your advisor block will not be removed without notification of intended courses.

You can also use the application DegreeWorks under the MyODU Portal for long-term planning and advising. To learn more about DegreeWorks visit

MBA students are required to complete a DegreeWorks curriculum plan for advising. A tutorial on a variety of DegreeWorks features can be found here.

Military Specific

Senior service college credit will not directly transfer into the ODU MBA Program as the institutions are not AACSB accredited; however, military experience can potentially be used for a GMAT waiver request. Check the requirements listed on our admission page.

GI Bill, Tuition Assistance or VA Benefit information can be found on the military page.

Prior Learning Assessment

MBA students may seek academic credit using the following options: Training evaluation-workplace and/or military, External examinations and certifications, Departmental examinations, and Portfolio development.

For additional information contact: 757-683-6554,, or visit ODU's Prior Learning Assessment office homepage.

Are there computer requirements for online learning?

You can check ODU's computer requirements here

LEO Online

LEO Online is a web-based student information system. A student can pay for tuition, get grade information, and register for classes using this system. You can also pay your bill and find out your account balance on LEO Online.


Canvas is the web-based course management tool that is used by ODU faculty to adminster course content.

Within the Canvas environment, your instructors will make a wide variety of electronic media available to you: PowerPoint handouts, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, video and audio clips, PDFs and more. You'll find your syllabus, assignments, grades and feedback in this one convenient place.

Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

PLE and Canvas are companion sites; you will use them together to complete your online course. You will find your course syllabus and schedule here, along with other course materials.



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