Student Parking

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Welcome back to campus! Remember, ALL students parking on campus must use a valid ODU permit or hourly parking payment and only park in the areas designated by their permit type.

We encourage you to purchase your permit online in the ODU Parking Portal. You can also buy one at the Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) Office at 4310 Elkhorn Ave (attached to the 43rd & Elkhorn Garage). 

ODU has a virtual permit system that uses License Plate Recognition to enforce permit usage. Please make sure to properly link your vehicle to your permit before parking on campus.

ODU Parking Regulations are strictly enforced on campus, so please always use your permit correctly to avoid getting ticketed, booted, or towed. You can always refer to the Campus Transportation Map for parking garage and lot locations, and contact us if you have any questions!

Summer 2024 Student Parking Permits

TPS will offer students semester permits, as well as daily, weekly, and 30-day permits for the Summer 2024 semester! Summer semester permits  will be available for purchase May 1, 2024, and will be valid 05/13/2024-08/11/2024.

Parking Permits can be purchased online through the ODU Parking Portal with a credit card or in person at the Transportation & Parking Office (located on 43rd Street attached to the 43rd & Elkhorn Garage) with Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express), or Monarch Plus. Please make all checks payable to "Old Dominion University." 15 minute visitor spaces inside the 43rd & Elkhorn Garage on the first floor (immediate right turn upon entry) are available for those visiting the TPS Office.

Your License Plate is Your Permit

ODU uses License Plate Recognition to enforce permit usage.

  1. Log on to the ODU Parking Portal to purchase a permit.
  2. Add your vehicle(s) to your account.
  3. Link those vehicle license plates to your permit (this is a separate step).

Commuters can add up to three (3) vehicles to one permit at a time. Those vehicles cannot use the permit at the same time. Residents can only add one (1) vehicle.

If a vehicle is sold or traded, it must be reported to TPS immediately, as any fines accrued by that vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner/permit holder.

If you plan to move to campus with a different vehicle than those on your parking permit, please go immediately to the Parking Portal and add the new vehicle to your account AND link the license plate to your permit. If the vehicle is a rental, be sure to remove it from your account after you return it.