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Top 13 Resources for Success at ODU

It's important to be synced up and connected to the ODU online resources. Here are some go-to links to help you get started.

Are you wondering what certain terms like BAL, Activity Hour, PAW and others mean? Here are some helpful hints to learn typical ODU jargon.

Effective communication with your professors is important to a successful college career. Make sure to review some of our suggestions here before emailing your professor.

The end of the semester approaches faster than you think. To help you finish strong, here are some tips to successfully prepare for your final exams.

How often do you unplug? Are you constantly waiting for that notification update? Let's think about healthy social media practices so you feel connected but not consumed by it.

Find step by step instructions to using ODU's student registration system, Banner XE. Learn how to simplify your registration process from start to finish.

Starting college is usually exciting and a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you jump right into your first semester at ODU.

Studying is a necessity to achieve academic success. Use these tools to help organize your notes and study more efficiently.

Balancing commitments is a key to college success. Check out these resources to help you maximize your efficiency at ODU.

Finances are a stressor for most of us. Here are some resources to get your questions answered and help make sure the financial side of things is squared away.


Don't forget to think about the big picture! Where do YOU want to go after ODU?

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