Returned Mail


Mail is returned because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • No budget code
  • Incomplete return/delivery address
  • Staples on mailing must be covered with tape
  • Upper right corner must be free of markings
  • APO/FPO mail over 16 oz requires a custom form
  • Contents must be repacked to prevent movement
  • Mail must be faced in the same direction
  • Sealed and unsealed letters must be separated
  • Return receipts must be placed on the back
  • No return address
  • Overstuffed envelopes must be sealed
  • Standard mail addresses cannot be handwritten
  • Standard mail must be in zip code order
  • International mail over 16 oz requires a customs form
  • Return address must be on the front
  • International and domestic mail must be separated
  • Country of destination must be spelled out in English