Reply Postage

Meter Stamps


Meter stamps may prepay reply postage on Express Mail; Priority Mail when the rate is the same for all zones; First-Class postcards, letters, and flats up to a maximum of 11 ounces; single-piece rate Special Standard Mail; and Library Mail, under the following conditions:

  • The meter stamp amount must be enough to prepay the postage in full, at the next higher whole cent amount, or at another rate permitted by standards.
  • Meter stamps may be printed directly on a mail piece or address label that bears the delivery address of the meter license holder. A label must adhere well enough so that, once applied, it cannot be removed in one piece.
  • Postage on Priority Mail over 11 ounces, single-piece Special Standard Mail rate or Library Mail may be paid on with meter-stamped address labels.
  • Any photographic, mechanical, or electronic process, or any combination of such processes (other than handwriting, typewriting, or hand stamping) may be used to prepare the address side of reply mail. The address side must follow the style and content of the example below; nothing may be added other than a return address, facing identification marks (FIMs), or barcodes.
  • Reply mail prepaid by meter stamps is delivered only to the address of the meter license holder. If the address is altered, the mail is held for postage.
  • Meter postmarks used to prepay reply postage must not show the date.