Business Reply Mail


Business Reply Mail (BRM) makes it easier for your customers to respond to your inquiries and/or surveys.

BRM allows you to receive First-Class Mail from your customers (or potential customers) by paying postage (and a fee) only on the mail that your customers actually return to you. You provide your customers with specially designed business reply envelopes, cards or labels that they can return quickly and easily because they do not have to address an envelope or affix any postage. Because BRM is pre-addressed and pre-coded with a barcode, you also do not have to worry about incorrect addressing by your customers.


You will be charged First Class Postage for each piece of Business Reply Mail returned to you plus a per-piece service charge. You can distribute your Business Reply Mail in unlimited quantities within the United States. The ODU Mail Center pays an annual fee to the U.S. Postal Service to participate in the Business Reply Mail Accounting System (BRMAS), which allows for automated accounting of your Business Reply Mail postage and service costs.

Designing Business Reply Mail

Contact the Mail Center for a list of vendors that design Business Reply Mail. Once your BRM is designed, you should also provide the Mail Center with a sample of your BRM before you contract for final print.

When designing BRM, the zip code for ODU must be 23508 + four. (Postcards: 23508-9963, Business Envelope: 23508-9956, Flat envelopes: 23508-9800, Label: 23508-9900). Do NOT use the University's unique zip code 23529 on BRM.

Examples of Zip Codes for ODU Business Reply Mail

  • Postcards
    NORFOLK VA 23508-9963
  • Business Envelopes (size 10)
    NORFOLK VA 23508-9956
  • Flat, Large Envelope
    NORFOLK VA 23508-9800
  • Labels
    NORFOLK VA 23508-9900

NOTE: The unique zip code for the university is 23529 and is NOT to be used on Business Reply Mail.