Online Directory Services Definitions

AEM - Adobe Experience Manager

ODU's Web Content Management System (WCMS) and the platform that serves web pages, including profile pages and departmental directory list pages.

Departmental Directory List

The web page that displays department staff along with their directory information. Each listing links to the individual's Directory Profile page.

Directory Information

Information that is public and relates to faculty, staff and affiliates of ODU. This includes name, title, department, address, phone number, biography, credentials, web links, expertise, publications, honors and research.

Directory Profile Page

The web page that displays an individual's Banner and FAS directory information.

Directory Search Results

Information displayed as possible results for a name searched in the ODU Online Directory.

FAS - Faculty Activity System (ODU uses Digital Measures)

The University's tool for tracking credentials, research, creative, and service activity for instructional faculty. Visit FAS.

MPM - Monarch Profile Manager

The service that provides user requests for customizations to directory information, workflow for approvals, and storage of some custom directory information, such as Professional Name, New photo uploads, Compliance Title, Name Prefix and Suffix.

Online Directory Services

The overall systems that support directory information, including Monarch Profile Manager, Bonita Workflow, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Banner, FAS, AEM and MIDAS.