We have sufficiently tested all critical software with macOS Ventura and feel confident fully supporting the latest operating system on all ODU-managed Macs. You can manage this update on your own, any time that is convenient to you:

  • macOS Ventura should download automatically from the App Store. (If it doesn't, open the App Store, search for macOS Ventura, and click Get.
  • Save and close any documents you have open.
  • Once the download is complete, launch Self Service from your Applications folder.
  • Search for or browse to the tile named Install MacOS Ventura and click Install.
  • The computer will reboot and the update will begin.

Keep in mind: The installation process can take 30 minutes to an hour.

Remember: Before any upgrade, it is a good idea to store important files in OneDrive. (Always check the regulated data matrix before using cloud storage.) And if you have any issues with the upgrade, contact the ITS Help Desk.


What are the new features in macOS Ventura?

You can find a list of new features at www.apple.com/macos/ventura/features/.

Will I keep my data?

Yes. Please save your work prior to the upgrade and plug in your device to an outlet to ensure there are no interruptions during the upgrade

Does the upgrade delete any applications?

No, the macOS Ventura upgrade will not remove any applications. Older apps may prompt for incompatibility in future macOS versions. Please email ITSHelp@odu.edu for assistance.

I don’t see the Install MacOS Ventura item in Self Service.

Go to your applications folder and verify the "Install macOS Ventura" app is downloaded. If you don't see it, go to the App Store, search for macOS Ventura, and click Get.

“Install macOS Ventura” app is downloaded, but the Install MacOS Ventura item is still not in Self Service.

Your device may be incompatible with macOS Ventura. Please contact ITSHelp@odu.edu for assistance.


Apple recently released their latest major operating system upgrade, macOS Ventura. Please do not update your Mac to Ventura until we have time to evaluate its compatibility with ODU software, network and server infrastructure.

We will likely be ready to release Ventura to ODU-managed machines in January 2023. If you decide to install Ventura on your home computers, please understand that you may encounter difficulties using essential applications/services. It might be best to wait until the applications/services you use regularly are listed as "supported" in the table below. Those currently listed are a priority and more will be added as we are able to test them.

ITS works hard to ensure that Old Dominion University has a secure and reliable IT infrastructure. We must thoroughly test both Ventura and our own technology before we can guarantee compatibility. We will update this page as more licensed software and University hardware are updated to fully support Ventura.

Application/Service Support

Application Support Notes
GlobalProtect (VPN Client) Supported  
CrowdStrike Supported  
Respondus Lockdown Browser Supported  
Adobe Creative Cloud Supported* Known issues: https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/macos-ventura-compatability-common-issues.html
Adobe Acrobat DC Supported* Known issues: https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/macos-ventura-compatability-common-issues.html
Photoshop Supported* Known issues: https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/macos-ventura-compatability-common-issues.html
Lightroom Classic Supported* Known issues: https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/macos-ventura-compatability-common-issues.html
Office 2011 Not Supported  
Office 2016 Not supported  
Office 2019 / 365 Supported Supported in v16.67
EndNote Supported  
MATLAB Supported Supported in R2022B
NVivo supported  
SPSS Statistics Supported SPSS 28 is supported
Zoom Desktop Client Supported Supported as of 1/11/23
VMWare Horizon Client Supported  
Crestron AirMedia Desktop Client supported  
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Supported  
Java Development Kit (JDK) Supported  
AlertUS Supported  
Chrome Supported  
FireFox Supported  
Mathematica Supported Supported in 13.2