Nursing Advising

Nursing is a rapidly changing, highly rewarding profession. Today's nurse must have a strong academic background, balanced with deep, nurturing values to deliver quality healthcare and shape the future of the profession. Today's nurse must understand the importance of developing partnerships within the community to provide health care to its constituents. Today's nurse must understand individuals' cultural and genetic differences. Today's nurse must also understand the interdisciplinary nature of the modern health care team and learn to work effectively within the team environment. 

Process to Declare a Clinical Program

This is a clinical program with limited spaces. It requires a secondary application for admission. Admission to this major is selective and competitive. Students are Intended Majors unless admitted by the program via the secondary application process. Make sure to review the admissions criteria for your intended major before applying. These programs are lock-step and admit students once per year. Most clinical programs start in the fall. 

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The ODU catalog is the official source of requirements


Find the required courses need to apply to the Pre Licensure program

How to Apply

Apply to the Nursing Pre Licensure BSN program

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Stay on target with your goals. Get help from our health sciences advisors. Many majors require special courses and an application to enroll.

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ODU's Ellmer School of Nursing has been preparing exceptional nurses for professional practice for more than 50 years.  Now a standalone school, Ellmer School of Nursing students still receive their advising from the Ellmer College of Health Sciences.