Biological Chemistry

Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry

The Biological Chemistry concentration provides fundamental training in biochemistry and molecular biology approaches to biomedical-related research problems. Research areas explored by the faculty members include, but are not limited to: bio-nanotechnology, bio-inorganic chemistry, bio-energetics and bio-fuels, bio-informatics, medicinal chemistry, microbiology, oncogenesis, protein folding, structural biology.

The core coursework and research program provide a solid foundation for doctoral training in Biological Chemistry. The advanced coursework and the research program will be specifically tailored to each student, in consultation with the student and their course guidance and dissertation committee.

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Concentration Information

  •  BMS 898 - Research
  •  CHEM 847 - Medical Biochemistry
  •  CHEM 891- Two graded seminars

Students select one of the following:

  • CHEM 824 - Bioinorganic Chemistry

  • CHEM 844 NMR - Spectroscopy

  • CHEM 863 - Mechanisms in Sensing and Signal Transduction

  • CHEM 869 - Nucleic Acids Biochemistry

  • CHEM 875 - Physical Biochemistry

Optional elective courses require the permission of the dissertation committee.

Concentration Coordinator

Associate Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry