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Winners of 2022 CURE Grants Announced

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Faculty Development are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Course-based Undergraduate Research (CURE) competition. The winners are Lin Guo, Mahesh Gopinath and Cathleen Rhodes. (More)


Service-Learning: Applying Classroom Knowledge to Address Community Issues

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that incorporates community service and community-engaged projects into the curriculum of a course. In service-learning courses, students apply classroom knowledge to address real community issues, and their experience in the community deepens their understanding of the course content. (More)

Arctic Field Trip

Climate Research in Arctic Chill a Thrill for 10 ODU Science Students

For college students, a chance to do authentic field work can cement theoretical knowledge, spark the imagination, even reveal a new career path. Old Dominion University offers many such course-based opportunities. Over spring break, 10 ODU students traveled to northern Alaska with Victoria Hill, an assistant professor of Ocean and Earth Sciences, as part of her Arctic Change class (OEAS 395). (More)

Nina Brown

Nina Brown, Longtime Scholar of Counseling, to Be Honored at Spring Provost’s Spotlight

Few of us are as self-absorbed as Narcissus, the mythical Greek youth who was so obsessed with his own beauty that he fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water. We may know the type, though – self-centered, arrogant, heedless of others. Professor Nina Brown knows it better than most of us. An Eminent Scholar of counseling at Old Dominion University, Dr. Brown has made a deep study of what she calls the destructive narcissistic pattern (DNP). (More)


12 Instructors Are Learning to Enhance Their Courses With Global Engagement

This month, a dozen ODU faculty members are discovering how to open the world to their students through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). The instructors were recently accepted to fill spots in the three-week COIL Foundations workshop offered by the SUNY COIL Center, which serves the State University of New York system. (More)

Tomeka Wilcher is the educational program developer at the Center for Faculty Development.

Extending Our Thanks to Dr. Tomeka Wilcher

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we say goodbye to Dr. Tomeka Wilcher, the Center for Faculty Development’s educational program developer. She leaves at the end of this month to begin a new chapter of her life with family in Atlanta. (More)


What Do Faculty Development Centers Do?

As Old Dominion University’s Center for Faculty Development marks its fourth anniversary on January 31, 2022, we thought this would be a good time to revisit what faculty development centers do. (More)

Augustine Agho

15 Faculty Members Begin Leadership Journey

Fifteen ODU faculty members have begun a semester-long journey as enrollees in the Provost’s Leadership Series. Now in its second year, the series aims to nurture faculty members who want to seek leadership opportunities within their departments, across the campus and in professional organizations. (More)

Sense of belonging symbol. Books with words 'sense of belonging' on beautiful wooden table, white background. Business, sense of belonging concept. Copy space.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging in Our Students

Recently, the Center for Faculty Development hosted a workshop entitled Building Community & Relationships in the Classroom. During that workshop we discussed the connection between “sense of belonging” and student academic success. (More)

Conceptual sign of sucess in business and life

As Services Evolve, CHIP Gets a New Name: ASIS

There’s no question that Old Dominion University’s Center for High Impact Practices had a high-impact name. But over time, that moniker reflected the place less and less. So last month it was retitled the Office of Academic Success Initiatives and Support. (More)

Grading Stack

Making the Pitch for Contract Grading

Contract grading is becoming more and more popular with faculty throughout academia. What is contract grading? In short, it is a system of assessing student work that separates workload, evaluation and grades. (More)

Day of Teaching

CFD's Day of Teaching to Feature Workshops, Panel Discussions

Mark your calendars for Friday, Sept. 17, when the Center for Faculty Development launches its “Day of Teaching.” The day will be devoted to face-to-face and online workshops and panel discussions about multiple kinds of pedagogies, strategies, and best practices for student success, along with helpful advice for faculty. (More)


What Is the LeADERS Program?

The provost’s LeADERS program encourages students to participate in courses in the areas of Leadership, Academic Internship, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Research and Service Learning. Students who complete three, four or five of these areas and develop a LeADERS ePortfolio earn a LeADERS Bronze, Silver or Gold graduation medal and transcript designation. (More)


Experiential Learning and Global Engagement

For more than two decades what is now known as the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) at ODU was called the Office of International Programs. Aside from providing essential international services such as visas and other immigration documentation, it focused on providing study abroad opportunities and supporting international students, faculty, and staff. This may seem a broad range of activities, but, in truth, it had a relatively narrow scope compared to the totality of the ODU community. (More)

Auschwitz Trip

Experiential Learning of Things Past

I have been taking students to France and Poland to study the Holocaust since 2013. To date, 67 students have made the journey with me to travel not just to other countries but also deep into the past. (More)

Dr. Helen Crompton

2021 PACE Institute to Focus on Learning With Technology

Helen Crompton, an expert in educational technology and mobile learning, will give the keynote address at Old Dominion University’s 2021 PACE (Program Acceleration for Collaborative Entrepreneurship) Institute on April 7. The virtual event will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (More)

Black History Month

Black History Month Is Every Month

February was Black History Month. On the morning news a few weeks ago, newscasters asked members of Congress to name their favorite person in African American history. It seemed this would be a great question to pose to our faculty and administrators at ODU. At the Center for Faculty Development and the Office of Faculty Diversity & Retention, we wanted to run this article in March to emphasize that every month is Black History Month. (More)

Injection needle

February CFD Salon: The Pursuit of Vaccines

Please join an informative Center for Faculty Development Salon on Feb. 19 to discuss the origins, vectors, science and ethics of vaccines, with a focus on the rush for effective vaccines to counter the coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the world. (More)

College students

Coming Soon: The CFD Teaching Toolkit

The Center for Faculty Development is creating a Teaching Toolkit that will be featured on their website and will consist of essays that provide insight on strategies, tools, frameworks, concepts, and best practices that can play a role in enhancing the teaching and learning experience. (More)

Injection needle

February Salon: The Pursuit of Vaccines

A global audience urgently anticipates the COVID-19 vaccines. Please join the Center for Faculty Development for an informative Salon on Feb. 19 from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. via Zoom to discuss the origins, vectors, science and ethics of vaccines, with a focus on the rush for effective vaccines to counter the coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the world. (More)

Students in a study group

The Power of Purpose in the Classroom

It is a new semester with new students and fresh perspectives. Because faculty want their courses to remain fresh, too, they work to revise each one, even if they have taught it for years and know it intimately. As they go through this process, they ensure all components align with course objectives and outcomes. (More)

Man on laptop

The ITS Course Collaboration Tool and Your Course

In December and January, Information Technology Systems teamed up with the Center for Faculty Development to host a series of faculty forums offering instruction in and hands-on demonstration of the Course Collaboration Tool crafted by ITS. (More)


History Has Its Eyes on Us! Pedagogies of Inclusiveness

For many years, scholars have drawn attention to inclusive pedagogies supporting an approach to teaching that takes into consideration the backgrounds of students in any classroom. Inclusive pedagogies promote consideration of classroom community as well as course content. (More)

Robert E. Lee Monument

Confederate Monuments and Racial Trauma: A Q&A With Jonathan Leib

Down they came, in late spring and all through the summer. In city after Southern city, Confederate statues fell, whether removed by municipalities or toppled by crowds. Dozens of icons surrendered their prominence as a wave of protests over police brutality and racially motivated violence swept the nation. (More)


What Should You Do if a Student Isn’t Wearing a Mask?

COVID-19 presents us with unique challenges at the University. Faculty have had to learn to teach online. Some people on campus have lost family and friends to the terrible disease. In returning for the fall semester, we must now figure out how to best engage those who might not be wearing a face covering. (More)


Virtual Tips: Rethinking Teaching

As we move into a new academic year, let's take time to reflect on lessons learned. Teaching through a pandemic and social protests has motivated many of us to rethink our teaching. (More)

The ePortfolio Studio in Perry Library Learning Commons

ePortfolios: Deep Learning, Composed, Preserved and Ingrained

What if there was a tool that could help your students archive their coursework, think about their growth and retain what they’ve learned? Plus, help them build their digital skills? And even get a job? There is such a tool. You’ve surely heard of ePortfolios (ePs) – they’ve been around for a couple of decades – but maybe you’re not using them in your classes. (More)

Video Camera

Authentic Assessment: Exploring the “Unessay” Option

Providing students with opportunities to showcase their learning — and to choose for themselves how to do so — creates a learning environment that promotes respect, trust, and community. It encourages innovative productivity. It nurtures free thought and inquiry. And it cultivates a meaningful learning experience. (More)

laptop computer next to open journal

ODU Women Writers Don’t Let the Pandemic Stand in Their Way

During the first surge of the COVID-19 pandemic in April, reporter Colleen Flaherty published an article in Inside Higher Ed that generated much attention. In a piece entitled “No Room of One’s Own,” Flaherty quoted several editors of academic journals who expressed concern about the decline in article submissions authored solely by women scholars. (More)

Zoom Logo

Check Out These Upcoming Events

Supporting and Empowering LGBTQ+ Students. Using small group activities and facilitator feedback, this workshop will provide participants the opportunity to revise current classroom strategies to better meet the unique needs of LGBTQ+ students. (More)

Annette Finley Crosswhite

Welcome Back: Planning, Structure and Innovation Go Into Reopening for Fall 2020

COVID-19 has affected most if not all aspects of our individual lives. Many of us have been amazed at how a disease has altered our everyday existence, changing our routines and challenging our patience. For some, the realities of COVID have generated increased anxiety, especially as we worry about loved ones who may be near or far away. And undoubtedly our professional lives as teachers have been turned upside down as we have moved to an online environment. (More)


Guarding Your Health Data From Attack: A Few Words With Sachin Shetty

Imagine you’re the CEO of a health care corporation and, one day, a hacker breaches your patients’ data. In an instant you’ve lost your customers’ trust. Public relations disaster. Urgent security matter. Possibly, a hit to your bottom line. Maybe you needed an extra layer of protection, like the blockchain-based system developed by Sachin Shetty and his team at Old Dominion University along with their partners at Sentara Healthcare. (More)


How Can We Better Meet the Needs of Our LGBTQ+ Students?

Is it OK to use the word “queer”? What does it mean to be transgender? These are just a couple of the questions to be addressed in the Aug. 4 workshop “Supporting and Empowering LGBTQ+ Students.” The Zoom meeting starts at noon and lasts until 2 p.m. (More)


Crisis Pedagogy Starts With the Human Touch

For months we have been discussing the challenges posed to teaching during a world pandemic. Colleges and universities throughout the nation scrambled during the spring to get their courses online, and currently face tough decisions for the fall semester. And now we find that we are also teaching during a period of protest and deep societal unrest. (More)